Are we taking Halloween to the next level ?

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Is it just me or is Halloween becoming the next ridiculously over publicized, over commercialized  over priced “holiday”.  Back when I was a tyke, you put on your little league baseball uniform and you were …yep, you guessed it, a baseball player.  or you cut some holes in a garbage bag, put it over your head and you were a monster. … Read More

Smartphone apps for healthy living [Infographic]

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of infographics.  If I can see it, it seems to hit the ‘ole medula oblongata a little better. Below is a pretty cool infographic on healthy living that I found thanks to the folks over at  Take a few minutes and check it out.  Especially if you are a … Read More

Photo of the Day – Caterpillar and a Snake

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    Saw this guy while we were out hiking and geocaching yesterday in Charlotte, NC.  Seems to be a Polyphemus Moth Caterpillar according to What’s That Bug.  We  spotted him while walking down the path , and while walking back my wife quickly throws of the “mom arm”… As soon as she did I knew what it was.   … Read More

Photo of the Day – The last tree standing

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  I took this photo a while back over on Jekyll Island, GA.  It’s in an area known as driftwood beach.  Along the beach are many trees that have huge roots above the sand because of the erosion.  Some of the trees are fallen, the other are still standing as it the case with this giant.  The area is beautiful … Read More

What I learned this weekend

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No matter what the answer to the question is, there will always be a follow up of , Why ?  Ex:  Son, you need to hurry up and put your shoes on.  Why?  A: Because we are in a rush, and we were supposed to meet for some breakfast about 5 minutes ago, and we are 15 minutes away.  Why … Read More