Top 5 Apps for Car Shopping

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Remember when the phone book’s Yellow Pages were the only way people could find information when shopping for goods and services? It saved so much time and gasoline. Now, in today’s computer-driven society, the cliche is: “there’s an app for that.” Apps, which is short for applications, have changed the way we shop for everything. People who look for real … Read More

Photo of the Day – Drifting Sunrise

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A sunrise on Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, GA About 3 years ago I went out to the local beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia.  I had just bought a new camera and wanted to try it out.  I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time, but through trial and error I got a few shots that seemed to … Read More

10 Spelling Bee Apps for Ipad That Help Your Children

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Would you like your son or daughter to be the next champion at a school Spelling Bee? Or maybe you’re a parent of a toddler who already sees an early reading potential in your kid? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there are plenty of Apps for Ipad that will help develop your child’s potential skill in spelling. … Read More

4 Winter Hobbies To Take Up In 2013

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Winter Hobbies keep you Busy If you’re like a lot of people, part of you probably dreads the winter months because of the unpleasant weather that just seems to give everything a dreary atmosphere. If you step outside (with the right clothing of course) and have a different outlook towards your winter this year, you might just find that the … Read More

Photo of the Day – Moon Ice

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 Ice Rings Around the Moon and Jupiter About three weeks ago I was surfing facebook as I usually do late at night when a friend posted about a “ring around the moon”.  A quick trip outside and I quickly found out what they were talking about. It looks like I just had a glare in my lens, but it wasn’t. … Read More

Tao of Man Men’s face cleanser [Review]

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I recently received a sample of Tao Of Man Men’s face cleanser to review.  I was a little hesitant, because I spend less time on cleaning my face and “primping” than I do thinking about it.  So, needless to say I wasn’t that concerned about it, at least from the get-go.   What is Tao of Man Marketed as a … Read More