Create A Family Budget That Works

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  It’s important in today’s economy to ensure you’re staying on top of your money.  A family budget is the first step in doing this.   Too often, people spend without really knowing where their money is going each month.  This leads to stressful situations at the end of the month when your family is left pinching pennies.  Even if … Read More

MiiPC – Power to the Parents – for $99?

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As many of you have seen, I am a BIG Android fan.  Over the last couple of years and have been countless Android products to hit the market.  The next big thing that was announced today is the MiiPC. What is the MiiPC Well, the MiiPC, currently in the development stages, and is looking for backers on Kickstarter but what … Read More

Google Keep – Note taking via google

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Google has done it again!  They have released yet another product in their quest to takeover the world, or at least Apple.  What is it now? Google Keep.   While it is tough to argue with the following and the large number of features of evernote, google keep is definitely a product to keep your eyes on.   From the google … Read More

A Printcopia Canvas Print Giveaway

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If you are anything like me, you have tons and tons of photos in a folder somewhere on your computer.  You pass by the folder and browse them from time-to-time, and sometimes you will upload a few to Facebook, but for the most part they reside locked away on your hard drive.   Now is the time to do something … Read More

5 Things a kid asks while in the Porta Potty

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5 Questions a kid asks while in the Porta Potty Kids tend to ask the most interesting questions at the best times!  They always have an insight that is like no other.  We were attending a festival this weekend, and as luck would have it my son had to “go potty”.  Not one, not two, but about half a dozen … Read More

Photo of the day – Sunset Grove

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A few days ago I posted my Sunrise photo, as the photo of the day.  Today, I thought it was only appropriate to feature a sunset photo of the day. I have had a Samsung Galaxy S3 since the week they were released on Verizon.  I have been, and continue to be impressed with the photo capability of it.  This … Read More