5 Qualities of a Family Friendly Home

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Sourcing a family friendly home is often easier said than done, though having said that, there really aren’t all that many qualities to look for in a family friendly home – an apartment or house – and if you’re looking at secondhand homes as many families do, there’s always the opportunity to perform cost-effective home improvements to render the home … Read More

6 Makeover Ideas for Your Bathroom

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  If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and somehow lacking that sense of luxury and comfort, it could be high time that you thought about investing in a good makeover.   There is nothing quite like having a completely new bathroom in the home, to give it that extra touch of class as well as to increase the … Read More

Sodastream Soda Maker [Review]

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A couple of months back, yes I am slow (the soda stream is not a new product) I came across the Sodastream on the internet.  Huh, cool, make your own soda.  I had never really thought about it, but we do drink a lot of different flavors of soda, so this might be worth the price.  I contacted Sodastream, and … Read More

Families That Grow Need Vehicles That Show

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Welcome to motherhood. Now you’ve got a whole new set of priorities to worry about, from planning for your kid’s educations to mending scraped knees and elbows. There are bills to pay, deadlines to meet, and, if you work outside the home, all the opportunities and hassles that come with a career. On top of all that, you need to … Read More

Essentials When Travelling with an Infant

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As a new mother or father, it is almost inevitable that you end up in the car, bus, train or plane on a long distance journey with your little one. While this may seem like a nightmare – having a baby or infant in an enclosed environment always does – it need not be as stressful as you’d think. All … Read More

The Best Cruise Lines for Travelling Families

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While touring anywhere with your loved ones is a truly special occasion, nothing is quite as memorable as taking an ocean voyage somewhere exotic. Sail the seas and make the journey as unique as the destinations you’re visiting. Being on a luxury liner is also a lot less constricting than taking a plane, bus or train, a point that will … Read More

Kickstarter launch for YBIKE Evolve – the 3-in-1 smart bike for kids [Press Release]

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Kickstarter launch for YBIKE Evolve – the 3-in-1 smart bike for kids Chrome Cherry hopes to raise $25,000 in funding for the YBIKE Evolve project  New Jersey, July 22, 2013 – Today the YBIKE Evolve, the world’s first 3-in-1 smart bike for kids, launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting at $50 for early backers, the new Evolve trike-bike “evolves” as your child’s … Read More

Ordering Custom Shirts for the Whole Family

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Custom t-shirts can make great gifts for every member of the family. Many families even choose to get the same colour and theme, so that they can stand out in the crowd. There are many companies like eezeetshirts that specialize in family orientated themed t-shirts; so getting some really fun designs should be very easy indeed. Most custom t-shirt companies … Read More