Millstone® and Mr Coffee® #CoffeeJourneys Giveaway

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An epic word in my book.

How did I ever live without it? It seems like a staple in my everyday life. I drink coffee, and lots of it, morning coffee and then sometimes later in the day. It is the way that I start every ( good) day, and often how I end my day. Millstone® coffee and Mr Coffee ® have teamed up with Walmart to bring you an exceptional trio. The Optimal Brew™ drip coffee maker and an outstanding selection of coffee from Millstone®.

To the old guy at the buffet

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So yesterday I am standing there in line and the local sushi buffet, and I glance up to my right and see this elderly gentleman (I’m being nice), standing next to me. He has a plate, umm…., I mean a PILE of sushi with him. He looks like he is becoming disgruntled with the plate, the tongs, and all this is right with the world at the sushi bar.