3 Things to consider when purchasing that new dress shirt

It seems like every spring and summer season we clean out the closets. We get rid of the junk, inevidibly so that we can buy more.

One of the first things to go, and therefore one of the first things that I usually need to replace are my dress shirts.  I don’t wear dress shirts on a daily basis, but when I do, I need them to look professional and well kept.  The following are three things that I like to keep in mind when buy new dress shirts.

Where you will be wearing the shirt ?

You don’t want to look out of place when you dress for success.  You want to fit in with the crowd.  Are you planning won wearing the shirt solo, with pants of course? Or are you planning to wear it with a suit?  This will dictate the shirt you purchase.


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What season will it be used in?

This will tell you 2 important things.  The color or design of the shirt you want to purchase, and the style.  I prefer to wear a very thin shirt in the summer, when it’s the hottest, and often a thicker (oxford cloth) shirt in the winter.  This is especially true if I am wearing it solo, with no suit.   My sister just got me a long sleeve Sir dress shirt.  It is a little thicker than most, and is great for wearing in the winter when I can afford a little more “fluff” to keep me warm.

What is your personal style

By style I mean slim fit, straight fit.  Do you like a button down collar, a spread, semi-spread, or a straight point.  Do you like cotton, poly, or silk?  If you don’t know what these are then checkout them out here.   A dress shirt should be something that you enjoy wearing, and it should reflect your style.  Don’t buy a shirt that you are dying to get our of just as soon as your hot date is over, or as soon as you get home from work.

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