4 Mobile Friendly Websites to Find London Hotels

The world is shrinking every moment. No, no, the 2012 prophecy isn’t coming true in 2013. In fact, I am talking about the new travel apps and mobile websites that have changed the very way we travel across continents. Holding a smart phone in your hands seems as If the whole world is just clicks away. These mobile-friendly websites are truly a boon for busy travellers who are always “on the go”. You need visit a travel agent or sit on a computer, as you have thousands of hotels and flight deals right in your pocket. Here, I review some of the most user-friendly hotel finding mobile websites to book your stay in London.


Rather than replicating the whole website, the mobile website is a sort of restricted version of the original tripadvisor.com but is quite easy to use. Reviews, prices, and all the information is given, making the booking process easier. There are special filters which turn out to quite handy especially when booking a hotel in London. Like, you can decide the price range as per your budget. However, completing the booking process means visiting an external website, most of which have not been optimized for the mobile users which makes the booking process a little tricky.




Not an iPhone app but a well-developed mobile website where you can book your stay within minutes. Unlike other websites, londonhotels4u.com/ , lists down hotels in London only. Quite a user-friendly site with a search box where you can just type in the name of the hotel, nearest attractions or tube station and there will be a list of hotels to choose from. There is also a little section called “secret hotel” which allows you to book a hotel blindly and save up to 50%. The description and facilities of every hotel are given but you cannot enlarge the map.




Keeping in view the changing browsing habits of customers, hoteltravel.com has also launched its mobile website. You can easily find a suitable hotel in the search box. Reviews and map of the hotels are also given and can be enlarged too. You can change the currency as per your wish. But since they have huge listings, the search may take a while, so you have to be patient.














The mobile website is wonderful as you can book rooms at hotels across 15000 destinations all over the globe. You can read hotels reviews too. The website has been tailored to load quickly and smoothly on mobile devices. But as with every hotel finding website, some usability issues occur, as the phone numbers are not clickable when booking a hotel.

Mobile websites have revolutionised the very way we book hotels for our travels. It’s handy and a flexible option for busy travellers.








Author’s Bio: Emily Hadden is a travel writer from London who loves to share her ideas and experiences with travel maniacs. Her personal travel experiences inspire her to write useful travel tips and suggestions.

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