4 Winter Hobbies To Take Up In 2013

Winter Hobbies keep you Busy

If you’re like a lot of people, part of you probably dreads the winter months because of the unpleasant weather that just seems to give everything a dreary atmosphere. If you step outside (with the right clothing of course) and have a different outlook towards your winter this year, you might just find that the snow and ice covered round is winter wonderland waiting to be discovered. Here is a brief list of 4 winter activities that you may want to check out in 2013.

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A lot of people are afraid to get into snowboarding because they draw a connection association between snowboarding and dangerous tricks. You don’t have to be able to do a 360 off of a 20-foot ramp to be able to have tons of fun just casually sliding down the side of a mountain. In fact, snowboarding is one of the easiest winter sports in comparison to skiing and ice skating, as anyone with a bit of balance and persistence can learn the basics in just a few days max.


If snowboarding looks like it is going to be too risky for your liking, how about riding a sled instead? Sledding can extremely fun, and requires virtually no skill on behalf of the people riding the sled (unless of course you’re sledding down steep inclines in a professional sled). It’s amazing how just buying a sled can turn that hill by your house into an amusement park for you and your family and friends. Don’t want to spend money on a sled? You can build a makeshift sled for cheap using items that can be found around the house; a large pool float or raft does the job very well.

Snow Sculpting

Maybe you’ve seen sculptures before and thought to yourself “there is no way i could ever build something like that,” but in reality sculpting with snow is about as easy as handling stiff play-dough. All you have to do is start with a mound or clump of snow and begin shaping it into what you want. You can use tools to make carvings and indentations, or you can do it all by hand. Even people who can’t draw are surprised to discover that they make great looking sculptures with a little bit of practice.

Ice Skating

Of all of the hobbies on this short list, ice skating is probably the most difficult to pick up on. The first few falls usually discourage people for a little while, but once your learn to glide on the blades eloquently, it can be one of the most enjoyable winter activities. Once you get really good at ice skating you could start participating in pickup hockey games at the local park, or try to advance your skating skills through ice ballet or racing. Novice ice skaters should be cautious about the bodies of ice they choose to skate on, as hyperthermia is a serious risk if you fall through the ice.


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