5 Qualities of a Family Friendly Home

Sourcing a family friendly home is often easier said than done, though having said that, there really aren’t all that many qualities to look for in a family friendly home – an apartment or house – and if you’re looking at secondhand homes as many families do, there’s always the opportunity to perform cost-effective home improvements to render the home even more family friendly.

1. Somewhere for the kids to play outside

It’s inherently important to concentrate on homes with outdoor space so your children aren’t cooped up inside all day long. There are some excellent reasons for this, including escalating rates of childhood obesity, as well as the fact that children who play outside and engage in physical activities are happier, healthier and better adjusted emotionally, physically and socially. This means a backyard or garden for houses, or an outdoor play area or garden for apartments, is essential.

2. Adequate bedrooms

Whilst it’s okay for young children to share a bedroom for their first few years, after they reach the age of five or six it’s important for them to have their own personal space – a space that’s entirely theirs – moreover, the need for separate bedrooms increases if your children are of different genders. Children require personal time, plus they always seem to have more possessions than adults, and not only toys either. Moreover, as they often aren’t able to access items on high shelves, their books, clothes and toys need to be made more accessible to them.

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3. Space around the kitchen and dining area

There are some excellent reasons for insisting on adequate space around the kitchen and dining area, of which safety is at the top of the list. Kitchens are among the most frequented areas of the family home, in fact, it would seem that in many family homes life seems to revolve around the kitchen more so than any other area. Therefore look for homes in which children can spend time in the kitchen with mum or dad without getting in the way – many accidents are caused this way – and also ensure that there’s adequate space for a table for the entire family to sit together to eat – the closest families are usually those who spend mealtimes together in the dining room or kitchen and not in front of the television.

4. Playroom

Having a playroom will prove advantageous in any family home, and not only because it helps to keep the living room and other ‘communal’ areas free of toys and mess. If you’re living in a country with a warm climate and you have decent sized bedrooms and an outdoor area in which your children can play then a playroom won’t prove to be so essential, though if you reside in colder climes and your children won’t be able to play outside during the colder months of the year, then it really is advisable to create a playroom or area in which they can move about and store their extra toys. It also proves advantageous to discuss playrooms and related requirements with a prominent real estate agent like coldwellbankertamarindo, because chances are they will have a property in mind that’s exactly what you and your family are looking for.

English: Camel Trail towards Wadebridge Family...
English: Camel Trail towards Wadebridge Family-friendly cycling along the Camel Trail between Padstow and Wadebridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Amenities

When you give thought to amenities, think not only of tangible amenities but also intangible amenities. For those who are unsure what tangible and intangible amenities are, tangible amenities are laundry facilities, outdoor play areas and swimming pools, as well as shopping centres, parks and good schools, whilst intangible amenities are low-crime rates, good air quality, friendly neighbourhoods and relaxed pace of life.

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