Blog of the Day: Savvy Suburban Mama – lovin’ & livin’ life in the ‘burbs

Name: Savvy Suburban Mama – lovin’ & livin’ life in the ‘burbs


Description: With a mix of personal insight, DIY, product reviews and giveaways, Savvy Suburban Mama is all about regular families living just outside of the city.

I’m a busy mom of 2 young boys who commutes an insane 4 hours to/from work, so keeping up isn’t always easy. I like to find things that make that easier, search out my inner Martha for creativity and find time to enjoy my family. It’s all about the things that regular families just like mine can relate to.


What makes you stand out from the crowd : I’m chatty so all my posts reflect that. I want people to feel like they sat down for a cup of tea and a few minutes of relaxation. I started blogging because I have a passion for writing and I wanted to share all the ideas that float around in my head. I’ve also recently discovered that I might just have a bit of an obsession with decluttering as that seems to come up on the blog a bit more than I thought it did! Turns out, lots of people have too much ‘stuff’ so I guess it works. I’ve blogged about do it yourself projects, grief, giveaways, reviews, laundry – if it’s something that happens in everyday family lif, it’s likely to appear on the blog.

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