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Name: Mobile Apps 4 Biz – App Reviews and News for Business Users


Description:I am a consultant and freelancer who routinely uses my smartphone to help make my business life easier. I started Mobile Apps 4 Biz because I couldn’t find an app review site that focused on business and productivity apps. There are tons of games sites out there but not a lot of business focused sites.

I look at Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone apps that make it easier for business people to get things done. I look at productivity apps and mobile payment apps a good deal since they are what I use in running my business.

I like apps that are efficient but also creative and who try to do things a little differently than the rest.

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What makes you stand out from the crowd : There are tons of app review sites out there. My site is different for two reasons.

1) I focus not on just one platform. Many sites out there are iOS only or Android only. I look at not just these two platforms but also Blackberry and Windows Phone.

2) You won’t find a game review on my site. I review apps that have a real value to busy professionals. The goal is to be the blog where professionals, consultants, and freelancers can come and find that perfect app for what they need.

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