How I lost my mind on Father’s Day

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How I lost my mind on Father’s Day Generally about once a week, we lose something at the Ramble house. It could be a toy, an earring, a bill (those are nice to lose), or something that is meaningless. Nonetheless we USUALLY find it within a few minutes of searching. Earlier tonight my wife lost an important letter that she … Read More

To the old guy at the buffet

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So yesterday I am standing there in line and the local sushi buffet, and I glance up to my right and see this elderly gentleman (I’m being nice), standing next to me. He has a plate, umm…., I mean a PILE of sushi with him. He looks like he is becoming disgruntled with the plate, the tongs, and all this is right with the world at the sushi bar.

5 Steps to Survive my (wife’s) best friend’s wedding

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So you are hanging out at the house one night, and you ask the wife. “How was work today”. Expecting the normal “it was great” answer, you pay half attention and say “yeah” when you wife asks you a something about X person asked me to be in their wedding, and I told them yes. Little did I know that to survive the wedding, I would have to employ ninja tactics.

Why the attempt to educate my son is useless

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Every night that we eat at home, we sit around the table and discuss what we did that day. Since my son was 3 (he’s 4 now) as soon as we start talking he will usually ask, “how was your day daddy”? To which I usually reply “It was pretty good….” and he ALWAYS states “tell me all about it”! … Read More

How Pinterest Saved Mother’s Day

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  I selected this post to be featured on my blog’s page at Dad Blogs. Well, mother’s day has come and gone.  And like any other holiday, being a guy, it is a really nervous time for me.  Not this year though, Pinterest to the rescue!!!!!