Sodastream Soda Maker [Review]

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A couple of months back, yes I am slow (the soda stream is not a new product) I came across the Sodastream on the internet.  Huh, cool, make your own soda.  I had never really thought about it, but we do drink a lot of different flavors of soda, so this might be worth the price.  I contacted Sodastream, and … Read More

Music Magpie – [Sponsored Post]

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Just this past weekend, I was cleaning out the garage when I happened upon a number of CD’s and DVD’s that I hadn’t seen in years. Guess it’s time to auction those off. But wait, that is just too much trouble.  I have to take photos of the CD’s, write a description, post all the info, pay insertion fees.  Yeah, … Read More

[Review] Printcopia Canvas Print

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I was contacted a few weeks ago by the folks over at Printcopia about doing a review of one of their canvas prints.  Thanks to them for providing me a print for review.  One of my hobbies that is often my leading force in my travels is photography.  I really enjoy taking photos of the places I travel, the wildlife, … Read More

App of the Day: Tweekaboo

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Name: Tweekaboo URL:   What makes you stand out from the crowd : Tweekaboo is more than just a family journal. Not only does it help you to capture and save all of your child’s most precious moments, it also allows you to privately share these moments with family and friends who you consider family. Our new printing options … Read More

App Promotion of the Day: Splash Math Grade 1

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Name: Splash Math Grade 1 Developer Website:   Itunes App Store Link: Google Play Link : Description: We are the developers of Splash Math series of iOS apps for Grade K-5. We have recently released our first app – Splash Math Grade 1 on the Google Play store. What makes you stand out from the crowd : 1. … Read More

Promotion of the Day: Peelstar Jerseys

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Name: Peelstar Jerseys URL: http://peelstar.comDescription: Our website lets children replicate their team’s jersey and make it into a removable sticker or magnet that can be applied to walls, cars, laptops, lockers, or any smooth surface. Here is a video that explains how the site works. What makes you stand out from the crowd : Our product is unique because there … Read More

Dad Ally

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Name: Dad Ally URL: Description: The unique experience of being a dad, working in advertising and having a life.   Facebook Page : Twitter : Would you like to have your app featured on What You TInk Daddy, fill out our free app promotion form.  Also, if you like this post, please consider subscribing to our newsletter for … Read More