Quick and Easy Asian Tyson® Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Recipe

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Quick and Easy Asian Tyson® Chicken and Cauliflower Rice Recipe – We are constantly on the prowl for a new recipe, it’s a new year, and here are two parts to this Asian Chicken and Cauliflower Rice. Both are pretty quick, easy, and only 1 part takes a little prep work. You can pickup the Tyson® Grilled & Ready Chicken Breast Strips at Sam’s Club, and have this ready in about 30 minutes. The extra prep work (on the part of the cauliflower) I believe is worth it, in that it is better for you than a high starch rice (although that would work just as well if you choose).

Chicken Bacon Rollups: Holiday Party Recipes

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With the Holiday season on top of us once again, now it the time to start looking for more great holiday party recipes. **STOP! You have found one!** I like to cook, and even more than that I like to invent new stuff to cook. Thanks to the folks at Tabasco, my Christmas season will be a little more seasoned … Read More

Dad’s Toy – A New Vision Kamado Grill

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Vision Grills Kamado

You might be asking yourself “What is a Kamado grill?”. I did too when someone mentioned it too me. But then they mentioned the Big green one… AH HA! I know what that is. A big, oversized, clunky, overpriced, heavy, lug of a grill. Man was I wrong! A kamado grill (Also familiar to many as the Big Green Egg) … Read More

Dad’s Rambling Chili Recipe

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Now when you say chili recipe, that is like saying what is the best kind of pizza. There are as many ways to cook chili as there are people who eat it. Some have beans, no beans, turkey chili, even no meat chili. I will try all kinds of chili, and each recipe has it’s perks, but for me there is only one kind. Bean, meat, and a little bit of heat.

I don’t always watch Football but when I do, DiGIORNO is in my hand!

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digiorno #shop

What better way to enjoy the big game, than with a big, fat, steaming hot, melt in your mouth, slap your mama silly, DiGorno pizza from your local Walmart freezer section. It’s quick, it’s easy, and yep, your mom better be on the lookout!
We decided to watch a little football this Sunday with the kids. I asked my son what he wanted to eat that afternoon, and his response (this was no real surprise) was PIZZA! Great, I have the perfect game time meal, DiGiorno pizza.

Cooking Collards 101 with Dad

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About 5 years ago, I started cooking collard greens for the family gathering at Thanksgiving, or maybe it was Christmas, I can’t remember which.  All I know is that eventually I became the “green guy” for holiday gatherings that involve food. Greens are regional, and not even attempted in some parts of the country.  Living in the south, they are … Read More