Puss in Boots NOW on Netflix

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Yep!  You heard it right, the snarky feline from Shrek now has his own Netflix original series. Starting this weekend, you can catch the first 5 episodes of The Adventures of Puss in Boots over on Netflix.  If you haven’t seen him before, he is definitely a master swashbuckler the kids will love and is nonetheless a feline that is … Read More

I made the Team! A Milestone for Me!

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The team!? Yeah, about a month or so ago I was asked to be apart of the Netflix #streamteam. My thoughts were, well, just one. HECK YES!

Why not, I like good TV shows, I enjoy an occasional dude flick, and I really like to spend time with the family while doing any of these, so here we are. I’m on the team, a milestone for me, as it is my first regularly scheduled gig in the world of blogging.

5 Steps to Survive my (wife’s) best friend’s wedding

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So you are hanging out at the house one night, and you ask the wife. “How was work today”. Expecting the normal “it was great” answer, you pay half attention and say “yeah” when you wife asks you a something about X person asked me to be in their wedding, and I told them yes. Little did I know that to survive the wedding, I would have to employ ninja tactics.

Why the attempt to educate my son is useless

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Every night that we eat at home, we sit around the table and discuss what we did that day. Since my son was 3 (he’s 4 now) as soon as we start talking he will usually ask, “how was your day daddy”? To which I usually reply “It was pretty good….” and he ALWAYS states “tell me all about it”! … Read More

5 Things a kid asks while in the Porta Potty

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5 Questions a kid asks while in the Porta Potty Kids tend to ask the most interesting questions at the best times!  They always have an insight that is like no other.  We were attending a festival this weekend, and as luck would have it my son had to “go potty”.  Not one, not two, but about half a dozen … Read More