Essentials When Travelling with an Infant

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As a new mother or father, it is almost inevitable that you end up in the car, bus, train or plane on a long distance journey with your little one. While this may seem like a nightmare – having a baby or infant in an enclosed environment always does – it need not be as stressful as you’d think. All … Read More

The Best Cruise Lines for Travelling Families

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While touring anywhere with your loved ones is a truly special occasion, nothing is quite as memorable as taking an ocean voyage somewhere exotic. Sail the seas and make the journey as unique as the destinations you’re visiting. Being on a luxury liner is also a lot less constricting than taking a plane, bus or train, a point that will … Read More

4 Mobile Friendly Websites to Find London Hotels

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The world is shrinking every moment. No, no, the 2012 prophecy isn’t coming true in 2013. In fact, I am talking about the new travel apps and mobile websites that have changed the very way we travel across continents. Holding a smart phone in your hands seems as If the whole world is just clicks away. These mobile-friendly websites are … Read More

5 Survival Tips for Dads at an Amusement Park

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Every child deserves a good childhood, and that’s where you come in, Dad. So you planned your family’s first trip to Disneyland because no kid can grow up without experiencing The Happiest Place on Earth. As you bought tickets online and checked out the latest park attractions, you can only wish that you will look as relaxed and jovial as … Read More

[Infographic] National Parks Offer More for Less Money

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[Infographic] National Parks offer More for Less Money Many times we forget about all of the wonderful natural resources that we have around us.  The National Parks are one example of a great resource that we all have access to.  The best part about it is that there are many different regions of the country that have great national parks … Read More

[Infographic] How to Find the Best Airline

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Choosing the right airline is always a tough thing to do.  Here are some how/when/why’s that are answered about picking the best airlins for your next trip.  Depending on your travel habits, one airline might be preferable over another based upon feeds that are charged for extras that you may require.   Infographic courtesy of Nerd Wallet.  Outstanding!

7 Best Android Travel Apps for 2012

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Today’s post is by guest blogger, Justin.  We welcome him to What You Tink Daddy.   Top Travel Apps for 2012 No matter how you are getting around, the mobile industry has an apps to get you there faster and more efficiently than ever. GPS technology is making travel better by providing these applications with a location specific tool. Look … Read More

Olymbuzz for Android

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  What is Olymbuzz A few days ago I reviewed a couple of the the apps by NBC and the Official London 2012 Join In and Results Apps (see Catch the London Olympics while you travel with these apps).  At the time I wasn’t aware that there was a little (yet very capable) brother to these apps.  Welcome Olymbuzz!  Here are … Read More

AAA Mobile App for Android

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AAA Mobile for Android If you are an customer of AAA, then you know how much their services if coveted if you are in a pinch.  You lock your keys in, your have a dead battery, these guys are here to help.  Well, if you have the AAA Mobile App our Android, then help will only be a click away. … Read More

How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Travel Experience

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You probably never go anywhere without your phone. Chances are it’s always by your side while you’re traveling, and there’s very likely a Twitter app on there of some kind.  Social media to the rescue! That could be all you need to have an exceptional travel experience. Forget planning and scheduling every aspect of your trip. Just whip out your … Read More