Duck Dynasty and the dark past

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No sure how many Duck Dynasty fans I have out there, but this is a must see.  Fan or not, there are a lot of things that can be said about this video for the folks over at  Checkout the video below about how duck dynasty came to be where it is today, and how the Robertsons came to … Read More

Are we taking Halloween to the next level ?

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Is it just me or is Halloween becoming the next ridiculously over publicized, over commercialized  over priced “holiday”.  Back when I was a tyke, you put on your little league baseball uniform and you were …yep, you guessed it, a baseball player.  or you cut some holes in a garbage bag, put it over your head and you were a monster. … Read More

Wow! No sleep required

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It is amazing to be how little sleep I can get by on somtimes.  People always ask “how’s the baby sleeping”.. but they don’t ask “how are you sleeping” Seems like the “experts” tell us we should get somewhere around 8 hours or so of sleep a night.  Really?  That is a joke, I don’t know when the last time … Read More