Charmin Ultra Strong – so You Stay Clean

Let me be candid here.

We have been working on potty training with our newly turned 3 yr old. And while it is going pretty well, going POO has not been the easiest skill for her to master.  Usually she is unsure (as is to be expected) but she wants to make us happy so she will try.  BUT Sometimes she isn’t so willing to please, and it can be a little trying for us.

There are a few different routes that she usually takes:

Scenario 1

Q: Do you have to go potty

A: No daddy

Q: Are you SURE???

A: Yes

and then all of a sudden, she’s wet.

Scenario 2

Q: Hey sweetie, do you think you might need to go potty, you seem to be dancing around a bit ?

A : No, I just like to dance !  – yeah, OK

and…wet again…

Scenario 3


A : Um… mmm… yes

Scenerio 4 

We are going to sit down at a nice (ok, let’s call it casual but kid friendly) restaurant for dinner.  On the way in the door I ask my daughter, “do you need to go potty? let’s go potty before we sit down.”

“no I don’t need to… I really don’t need to”

Ok, I will quit helicoptering your potty time, I will give you a little space.  You need to make your own decisions.

We sit down at the table, the waitstaff comes over to take our drink order and


“Daddy, I need to go potty REALLY BAD!!!”

WHAT??  45 seconds ago you were FINE!!  What happened???  ARGHHH!!!!

Scenario 5

And then there is her taking matters into her own hands…..

Charmin Charmin 2 Charmin 3

When I was approached a few weeks ago by Charmin, about joining their influencer program, my first thoughts were:

1 . You want me to talk about poop right?

2. Wait, there is that kids book, “Everyone Poops

3. Yeah, I use Charmin,  That is some STRONG TP!

4. YES!!!

There are few things we all don’t like to talk about (or at least by choice try to steer clear of), and I will be honest, using the potty (as a dad I have heard this word slip out of my mouth more and more lately) is usually on that list.

So, I’m not going to talk about poop, I’m just going to talk about Charmin Ultra Strong.  GOOD STUFF!

To be quite honest, this is a pretty straight forward product.  For me to call Charmin GOOD STUFF it must:

  • Do a good job at getting stuff clean – check!
  • Be strong ! Because no one wants TP with holes in it! – check!
  • Although it has to be strong, here is a biggie.  IT MUST BE SOFT!  NO ONE, let me repeat NOT A SINGLE PERSON I KNOW WANTS ROUGH TP! – check!
  • One great thing about it being strong, is that you use (up to 4x) less. Less use means less in the sewer, and more money in your pocket!

And let’s face it folks, this is toilet paper!  No one wants to spend any more time than they have to choosing the right TP to get the job done, and done well.  So here it is, decision made. Buy Charmin Ultra Strong, and buy it now!





Disclosure:  I received free product and was compensated for the above post and review.  However all view are 100% my own and are honest!






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