A Social Media Scheduler that Rocks! CoSchedule Review

About 3 weeks ago, a fellow dad blogger and I were looking for new and useful social media tools that would help our blogging conquests to rule the world. We talked for a while and then he called me to “come look at this”

I was instantly hooked on Coschedule !

What is coschedule? First, before I tell you any more. GO HERE, signup and install it, and them come back and read the rest of this review of coschedule. If you are like me and blog and use social media every day, then Coschedule should be on the top of the list for blogging plugins that you need.

CoSchedule is a blog calendar, a social media manager, post manager, and so much more.  And the great thing about it, or at least what I like, is that it does ALL of this in one easy to use interface.  No copying and pasting links, no other “apps”, or other platforms.

Here is how I use CoSchedule.  I currently have 3 different social media campaigns running with different clients, in addition to all of the other content that I share on my blog and my social media channels.  I can pull up the CoSchedule calendar and schedule an entire campaign of tweets, facebook shares, pinterest pins, google shares, etc in just a few clicks.  I can chose a predefined time period, for which CoSchedule will pick a random time within that slot, or if I can pick a specific time.  If I decide to change a date or a time, It is simply a drag and drop to the new date and I’m all set.

The way that CoSchedule works is that you install the CoSchedule plugin in wordpress, and it runs to manage everything on your wordpress back end.  What this means it that you can setup all of you post shares (within your blog post) using the CoSchedule.  Everything is in one place, and can be done at one time.  This is OUTSTANDING in my opinion.

Typically when I write a post I will schedule it to be published, usually the next morning.  THEN,I have to come back the next morning and set each of the social shares that I want.  Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkden, Pinterest, Buffer.  ALL of these are built into the CoSchedule plugin and can be easily set when you finish writing your blog post.


ALSO, all of the analytics can be tracked using google analytics and buffer analytics.

AND.  You can see all of your upcoming posts in google calendar. Just turn on the proper integration in CoSchedule and they show right up along side your other calendar events.

You can schedule blog posts and related social media posts months in advance.  There is no need  for another plugin.  No need to go to another website, or no need for another widget.  It can all happen in one place.


I have used CoSchedule for a little over a month now, and I can say that without a doubt, it has increased the traffic to my blog by 30-40 %.  I have watched my analytics over that period of time and they have gone UP, and remained up.  I recently stopped using CoSchdeule for a few days, and as I expected, things went down.

I can’t say that CoSchedule made the traffic come to my blog BUT…

What I can say is that it made it much easier and more convenient for me to share not only my content, but also other content.  THIS is what increased my traffic.

So, the $97,000 for me is always this, would I buy it?

Absolutely, in fact I am already in the process of singing up to extend my trial period into a full fledged account.

  • CoSchedule is easy to use
  • It’s reasonalbly priced ($10/mo)  I
  • It make sharing easy because it built into the backend of wordpress
  • It has great analytics
  • It is easy to use… (did I say that already)??
  • It has a great affiliate program that enable you to save $$ on your account when others sign up.

So if all this sounds great to you, go signup for CoSchedule now!  You get a FREE trial, so how can you go wrong with that?

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3 thoughts on “A Social Media Scheduler that Rocks! CoSchedule Review”

    1. Absolutely. There are few apps, plugins, utilities, that I try out and don’t really have any issues with. This is one of the few. It just works. It’s easy to use, and it makes me WANT to use it more, which is what makes it great.

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