DIY Vintage Style Kitchen Light [Tutorial]

This was an idea that I had for some time.  When I fabricated the quilted aluminum panels a few weeks ago, the idea all finally came together for a new (much needed) light in my kitchen.

A few notes about things :

  • I used pine for the framing, and 3/16 underlayment for the metal backer.  You certainly could use anything else though.  Poplar would be great if you were going to paint it, and oak might look great for an alternate staining wood.
  • The metal was used because of left-overs from another project, but you could also paint that area.  I do like the contrast it give though in this particular situation.
  • The bulbs are LED Edison type.

The specialty materials:


The Metal

Twisted Cloth Wire

Edison LED Bulbs


Keyless Sockets

Video on How I made Quilted Aluminum –

  • The first step was to measure and cut the 1×4’s for the outer frame.

  • Next, I glued and brad nailed these together with my air nailer.

Then, I assembled the inner frame pieces.

Then I made a backer plate that would become the top side of the light.

Next, the metal was cut to fit inside the backer plate.

Then it was time to test fit the inner frame and the backer plate inside of the outer frame.

Once this was determined to all fit properly, I disassembled, filled the nail holes, sanded and applied stain.


Then the inner frame was attached from the back with nails, and the light frame was complete.

The next step was the lights.

The locations were marked off on the metal, and holes were drilled.

The light sockets were wired onto each of the lights, and they were inserted through the holes. Zip ties were used on the back (top) side of the frame to hold the wires at the proper length.

Two mounting boards made from 1x material were mounted across the ceiling joists, and the light was installed with screws on the sides.


That’s all folks.  Please give me a shout below if you have any questions.


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