Review of the Elevate Grill now on #Kickstarter

elevate disclaimer

I was recently contacted by the folks at Point Elevate, asking if I would review the Elevate Grill.

Heck yes!

I have been looking for a new portable gas grill to take camping with us, and the Elevate Grill seemed to fit the bill pretty well.


The Elevate Grill Specs:

286 sq inches of cooking surface
Fold up design
Easy setup and takedown
Washable drip pans
Dual cooking surfaces
Cast iron grates
Electronic starter, so no matches are required.
No assembly required (well, almost)
Everything you need is stored in one easy-to-carry case

The places that you can take this thing are almost endless. You can make this your next grill for a great summer cookout. If you want to replace or purchase a new camping grill, this is it! We are in the market for a new grill for the teardrop camper that we just built. I believe we may have found it.

This thing is a tailgater’s dream. Unfold, pop on the propane canister, and you are ready to cook.

Want to take some burgers to the beach. Now the cooler you put them in is going to be larger than the grill you need to cook them on.


Speaking of burgers

The only way to truly test the abilities of a portable grill such as the Elevate Grill, it to see how well it will cook burgers.  If you can cook burgers, you are tried and true in my book.  So, burgers are exactly what I did this past weekend.

The first things was to setup the Elevate grill.  Like I mentioned, it’s REALLY easy to setup. Unfold it, screw on the regulator and tank and you are ready to fire it up.  It uses a 16.4 oz propane tank, available almost anywhere.  It’s just that simple.  Really.. that’s it!


elevate grill setup

The Elevate features a push button start (battery powered), so no lighter is needed.  Also, there are dual controls, so you can adjust the heat on each side independently.

dual controls


Once thing that immediately caught my attention when I first looked at the Elevate, was the large, ceramic coated heavy cast iron grates.  They did not disappoint once this thing was fired up.  GREAT grill marks, and obviously a wonderful direct transfer of heat to whatever you are cooking.

Elevate Grill Results

Another huge thing about the Elevate Grill that I like is that IT IS HEAVY and sturdy. Not to the point that it’s difficult to carry, but it IS sturdy.  You don’t have to worry about this things tipping over, being blown over, or otherwise staying put.  The 2 fold down legs hold it very well, and that leads to another strong point of the grill.

I would have absolutely no issue setting the Elevate up directly on the ground (the sand) at the beach.  Because it sits up just slightly, unlike most portable grills, it is stable yet out of the sand, dirt, whatever.

I was a little surprised at how hot this thing gets.  The grates are really close the flame, such that I had to turn it down to low once it was up to temp.  Not a huge deal, but you definitely have to watch the flame and flip the burgers regularly.

Below is a short video showing the sizzle:

When you get ready to clean it up, there are basically 3 things to do.

1.  The ceramic coated, cast iron grates are dishwasher safe, and to be honest, this is a good thing.   Although I have only used the Elevate grill one time, my initial thoughts are that they are really tough.  I will be honest, I cleaned these up by hand, and they were a little tough to scrub.  Next time I am throwing them in the dishwasher.

2. The drip pan(s).  Both of the drip pans are easily removed.  The burners slightly tilt upward, and the pans slide right out.  No issues at all.  I washed them with light soap and water and they were good to go.

drip pan out

3. The inside and outside of the grill.  There were some light spatter areas around the hinge point of the grill , as well in the middle.  I wiped these down with a wet cloth and that seemed to suffice to get the bits of grease that splattered up on them.

Other than that, unscrew the regulator, place it and the tank inside of the unit and fold it up and that is it!


We are looking for a new grill for our recently completed teardrop camper.  This may very well be it!  Not only can we grill on this, but it will also serve well to heat pots of water and is large enough that I can place my cast iron griddle on top of it.

So, the million dollar question for me, as it is on every review I do, is this…

Would I purchase the Elevate Grill and would I recommend it to a friend?

Overwhelmingly YES and YES!  I think this grill is portable, easy to use, and overall appears to be of good quality.

If you are interested in the Elevate Grill, go checkout their kickstarter campaign.  Also, follow them on facebook for their latest updates on where they are with the campaign, and other great grilling news.

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