Elf on the shelf 2013 : Day 7 just Chillin

On Day 7, Thomas the Elf decided that it was time to take a little time to himself.  He had been busy watching things around the Ramble house, and he need to take it to the river.  Looking to the kids bathroom, he found the perfect spot to get away from it all and wet a cork.

Little did he know that our drains only hold water when we don’t want them to.  i.e. There is something stuck in there that the kids have flushed down.

Or there is the occasional cousin It looking creature that we pull out of the drain, but that’s another story for another day.




If you would like to see what the Elf on the Shelf has been up to at our house up until now, check out Elf on the Shelf 2013: Thomas is Back Day 1



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