Essentials When Travelling with an Infant

As a new mother or father, it is almost inevitable that you end up in the car, bus, train or plane on a long distance journey with your little one. While this may seem like a nightmare – having a baby or infant in an enclosed environment always does – it need not be as stressful as you’d think. All that you need to do is follow the tips below so that you and your child can have an easier journey. You might even make it all the more comfortable for the other passengers as well!

Pack Smart for Added Convenience

Since you’re carrying a baby onto the plane or bus, the fewer items of baggage you bring on board the better. This might seem unintuitive since babies require plenty of extra clothes, toys and other necessities. With the right planning though, you can cut everything down to just the one bag. Pack travel sized toiletries and plan to go shopping for additional diapers, soap and shampoo once you reach your destination. Whether you’re on an international flight or a domestic train journey, some smart packing techniques will make getting on and off the vehicle so much easier. There’s also less chance of you forgetting something while organising yourself on board.

Wear Your Baby

This tip is especially useful if you’re boarding an aeroplane in the future; simply place your infant in a baby wrap instead of putting them in a stroller. This will free your hands, allowing you to carry your bags, bring out your passport, and fill out the departure cards. Your little one will also be safely strapped in, ensuring that they’re safe throughout the whole boarding process. You might not even have to take the little one out at the security checkpoint, although this depends on the airport you’re going through.

Look for Added Support

If you’re feeling alone as a mother or father travelling with your child, remember that there is always help at hand. For example, some airports have special lanes for those with small children, allowing you to move through passport control and security fairly easily. You can also find a cheap flight or two where your kid travels for free if they are under a certain age! Keep an eye out for anything that will make the journey more comfortable. You’ll be glad that you’ve taken the effort to do your research in this matter.

Dress in Something Simple

When preparing for the trip, make sure to keep your outfits (yours and the baby’s) as simple as possible. This is especially important if you’re getting on and off a plane thanks to the stringent measures at security. You won’t want to be fussing about taking off shoes and belts with a baby strapped to your front, after all. At some of the world’s security checkpoints, you’ll also be required to remove your child’s shoes as well, so it is better to just choose booties or socks instead of proper footwear. By being smart here, your next plane flight will be much easier.

Plan for Stressful Moments

You should also be aware of your baby’s needs when it comes to dealing with strange scenarios. While travelling by bus or train might be something they’re used to, other events, such as your plane landing or taking off, will cause some tension. To help your little one relax, give them something to suck or chew on. Whether you breastfeed them, give them a bottle, or offer them a teething toy is up to you. If they’re awake, this can be a great way for them to adjust to the changes around them.

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