Find Extra Space In The Loft

Catering for the needs of big families can be a logistical challenge, to say the least. Mums and dads have to ensure they plan ahead so that the kids have everything they need, from food and clothing to entertainment and educational materials. These can be bought from the shops or ordered online with relative ease, however, making finding space the biggest difficulty most large families encounter, particularly when new arrivals come along. This is a time for joy and celebration, but also a period to adapt to a new routine as older siblings and parents change to a different lifestyle, and often this means making kids bunk up in rooms in an effort to accommodate a new baby, but as we will illustrate, there are ways to avoid living in a cramped household.

Space above

In many homes across the country there is an area of unused space that is often wasted as a seldom visited storage area. Attic space has enormous potential for development to help growing families meet their needs and will avoid awkward cramped conditions that can disrupt domestic harmony, after all, small spaces inhabited by many people are recipes for arguments. Instead, by assessing the unused space above, homeowners may find the solutions to their problems, by transforming a standard four bedroom house into a five or even six bedroom property without the excessive cost and disruption extensions invite. It is, of course, imperative that over-zealous DIY enthusiasts take the time to seek professional advice, as although a project like this may seem exciting, it is something that needs to be undertaken by those with the skills and experience to execute the job competently.

Professional conversions

While many families are on a tight budget, carefully balancing their incomings and outgoings, there shouldn’t be an attempt to tackle this independently, without any prior experience. Top local firms would be a better choice, as companies like CB Construction can plan and undertake a conversion for clients after discussing what is wanted and understanding requirements. Through discussions experts can provide advice about what can be achieved and what to expect in terms of costs and disruption to the house. What’s more, many can also examine the potential to increase space elsewhere, including in the garage as this is another part of the house that has terrific potential for use as an additional bedroom, or even a study or playroom for the kids, giving families the breathing room they need.

Extra value

Homeowners’ primary aim will be to increase the habitable areas of their houses, but there is another obvious benefit to this. As properties are modified to add extra rooms it is highly likely that the market value will increase. While selling up may not be something currently on the mind, it is worth considering as at some point many families look at moving up a rung on the property ladder, or are forced to move away, and as the average cost of the conversion is typically less than the added value there is more incentive to go ahead with plans.

Domestic harmony

The result of an extra room will be overwhelmingly positive for a family. As kids begin to grow up and start demanding their own personal space it will be great for households to have the room available to avoid any potential difficulties. What’s more, when the children move out of the house the use of extra rooms can be changed, to an office, for example, or a guest bedroom for when friends or relatives come to stay, making it a sensible investment for most households.

About the Author: CB Construction & Lofts Ltd is a building and loft conversion company based in Bristol. They provide services in the construction of garages and home extensions.

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