Fiverr will really stretch your 5 bucks – Tech Tuesday

I had a coworker of mine introduce me to the other day.  What is “fiverr” you ask?  It’s about getting small tasks done for a “fiverr” or $5 .

Fiverr is a website where people post “gigs” as they are called.  This can be writing a paper, recording a video, designing a web banner or just about any small task that you can think of.  Want to prank your co-worker who is turning 40 with a cheesy video of a Borat-esque guy singing happy birthday , yep you can do that.

Some of the “gigs” are very lame, as above.  Then there are some that are seemingly well worth the money.  There are multiple sellers who will review your blog (rather extensively) and give suggestions on how to improve back links, broken links and suggestions on how to improve your google page rank.  This is all for $5!  Of course, there are upgrades, that are mostly available in $5 increments, but the base package of any purchase is just a fiverr.

Here is a list of some interesting gigs I found on

  • Design a logo for your website  –   There are many sellers offering this, and many of them have very professional looking samples.
  • Record a voice over in a British accent
  • Will prepare a business letter, presentation or program for $5.
  • I will get you X # of twitter, facebook, pinterest like or follows for $5.
  • I will give you a spanish lesson on Skype – Yep, for $5, you get 30min of Spanish instruction on Skype.
So, as you can see there are a wide range of uses for Fiverr.  There is a large amount of feedback for the sellers (much like ebay) and there are different levels of sellers depending on the 3 of sales completed and their overall feedback.
So if you are feeling frisky, go check ’em out. —–>





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