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GE Energy Smart


We have been doing little things around the house lately to improve and reduce our energy consumption.  First, we replaced the old clunker of a thermostat that we had a few months ago with a new energy wise digital model.  We can now program it to be at the optimum temperatures only when we are home and to “bump up” slightly when we are away. Also, last year we replaced both our washer and dryer with a HE (high efficiency) model.  Not only are they a big savings in energy AND water consumption, but they wash and dry clothes much faster than our old models, AND they hold about twice as many clothes as the old ones, so we wash clothes less often.  It’s a win-win for everyone.  LED power is something else that we have been taking advantage of.  We decided after the first of the year that anytime that we had a light bulb go out in the house that we were replacing it with an LED light bulb.  Yes, I told my wife, they do cost a little more, but the cost savings of LED power is substantial enough that they QUICKLY pay for themselves.

Not only that, but with the summer quickly approaching us, it is even more important that we start thinking about energy savings and how we can make that power bill go down, down, down.  It gets really hot in this area of the country during the summer, and I am sure that the AC is going to run almost non-stop for most of the daylight hours once the real heat hits us.


Why Buy GE Energy Smart LEDs ?


Well, an LED is a super high efficient way of turning electricity into light.  It does a much cleaner (efficient) job than either of the other two methods.  So much so that an LED bulb with comparable output of light (lumens is the technical term) uses about 80% less energy to do so!  That IS AWESOME!  

Also, 1 LED Bulb lasts as long as 15 traditional incandescent bulbs.  This means you are buying far fewer bulbs than before.

Last week when I learned about their advantages, I told my son about the new GE Energy Smart light bulbs at Walmart, and how great they were, NOT only at saving us energy, but ALSO saving us money…They are the NEW way to light your home.  Incandescent and CFL bulbs are a thing of the past.  #LEDSavings is the road to the future!  

He thought about it for a minute, pondered as to what that would mean for him… saving money.. more money for us.. more toys… I could see his wheels turning….


Energy Smart 3

“Let’s replace ALL the light bulbs with GE LED Energy Smart bulbs”!!  The choice was made!



So, we took off, just me and “the boy” to make a trip to our local Walmart for some new bulbs.  We had plenty that needed replacing, and this would be a great place to start.

GE Energy Smart 4


GE Energy Smart 2


What I did to figure out which bulbs to replace first, was to see what I used the most.  We figured out that we used the lights in the living room, and in my son’s room the most.  So, we decided to replace those first!  I let the boy help and he was happy to start in his room.

GE Energy Smart 7

We (me) also replaced both of the lights in the living room.  We have two of these lamps, and we spend a lot of time in here, so this is a place that we should see the savings rack up because these lights are used A LOT.  More than most of the other lights in the house.

I used the handy dandy energy saving calculator on the GE website to calculate how much of a savings there would be, JUST BY USING THOSE 3 BULBS.  IT was amazing!.  I would pay for the bulbs in little over a year.. and I won’t have to replace them for years!  What a deal! #collectivebias

 If you are a little hesitant, there is EVEN MORE INCENTIVE from GE with a COUPON for the GE Energy Smart bulbs go get it here

Also, there is an outstanding energy savings calculator if you would like to see just how much savings you would get from replacing ALL of your bulbs.  This is what really sold me on the idea! Go check it out.


For more infotmation about all of the GE LED Energy Smart light bulbs visit :

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2 thoughts on “GE Energy Smart LED – LED Power that Saves You Money”

  1. That’s how my son thinks, too! Surely all extra money would be allotted to toys 🙂 great tips on the LED lights.

  2. That’s how my son thinks, too! Surely all extra money would be allotted to toys 🙂 great tips on the LED lights.

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