Gulf County Florida as an Outdoor Vacation Destination

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So let’s get one thing straight.  When I saw Gulf County, Florida as a location to write about, I did 2 things. 1.  I googled it.  Let’s face it, I had no idea that I had actually BEEN to Gulf County, Florida before, but I had!  (We went Geocaching there a few years ago). 2.  I instantly said yes! Why?

I mean,  WHY NOT?

Most people think of a few things when Florida is mentioned to them.  A LOT will think Disney World, traffic, large crowds, and a large amount of time waiting… and waiting.  This is usually in a never-ending line. That is NOT what vacation in Gulf County, FL is all about.  It’s much less touristy, and much, much less crowded than many of the Florida time traps that you will typically come across.  Don’t get me wrong, that has it’s time and place, but for myself and my family, that is not what vacation is supposed to be about.  The Gulf County Adventure Guide is all about nature, adventure, and enjoying the great outdoors.  If you want to truly relax, then you can pick from a list of adventures to explore while on vacation.  I could enjoy all of these with the fam! Go Hiking on the Bayview Trail   What is better than great hike at the beach?  Get out!  Enjoy the sun, the surf, and the sand while in Gulf County.  Get a little sand between your toes and just love where you are at.  The views are breathtaking and the air is clean.  Nothing is better than being on the beach early in the morning and having the breeze all to yourself to enjoy.

Go on a Turtle Search

If you really want to impress the kids, and combine that with a great learning experience, THIS is the way to do it. Take a guided kayak to see the turtles up close and personal in their natural habitat. Something that is not possible at the other “unnatural” touristy attractions in Florida.  Kayak Through the Dead Lakes

What better way to relax than in the presence of nature while you are literally IN it!  Being in a kayak, you can see life the way the animals see it.  You are “below the radar” so to speak, and many times can sneak up on many of the creatures that would otherwise see you coming if you were trying to walk to them from the land.  Your kids will be sure to tell their friends about this one!

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