Are we taking Halloween to the next level ?

Halloween (Photo credit: gaudiramone)

Is it just me or is Halloween becoming the next ridiculously over publicized, over commercialized  over priced “holiday”.  Back when I was a tyke, you put on your little league baseball uniform and you were …yep, you guessed it, a baseball player.  or you cut some holes in a garbage bag, put it over your head and you were a monster.

Not Halloween 2012

Now there is an endless supply of just about any movie character, TV character, reality TV character, or leud depiction that you can think of.  It used to be about dressing the kids up and going to get some candy around YOUR neighborhood.  Now it’s about spending 50-100 bucks (or more) on an outfit from one of the Halloween superstores, looking like a freak (if you didn’t already) and parading around someone else’s neighborhood to “get” candy.  That’s my first gripe.  Don’t jump on the Halloween bus and come to my house looking for candy with your 10 closest friends.  Stay in your neighborhood, and I will stay in mine.  

Here’s my deal with that.  There are some kids, and by kids I mean those that are under drinking age, most are in the single digit grades.  These are the ones that are looking for a few treats, hanging out with their friends or parents and are enjoying themselves.  Their not up to egging houses, running the street like a bunch circus clowns or crashing through the hedges by my front door.  They just want to have a good time, no problems there.

BUT… There are also those that show up at my front door with nearly a 55 gallon trashbag trying to get as many “treats” as they can.  They’re bumping into the smaller kids, pushing to get to the front of the candy line, all in the name of candy.  Normally when there is knock at the door you open the door and maybe 1 out of 6 mumbles “trick..umm… treat”, but most times they will just stare at you like “hey you know whey I’m here, look at the calendar!!”

HELLO.. Get the spirit!!  If you want to fill that garbage bag up tonight.. act the part!

So you give them candy, and the they want to get pickey.. Ohh.. i wanted a snickers.. WHAT ???  Since when do you get to PICK YOUR TREAT??  That’s gripe #2.  Take what you get, say thank you and shut your pie hole.  Life is tough, sometimes you get a smartie, and sometimes you get the sour apple gummy worms.  It is what it is, but it’s free.  

And my #3 gripe, and this is the BIG one. 

Knock on door + “TRICK OR TREAT” + Candy from me   = THANK YOU! <——

With the imparative being on the THANK YOU!!!!  Good grief, I’m a stranger, you showed up at my door dressed as a zombie, I gave you candy… and you got back in your car and drove yourself to the next house.  The least you can do is say THANK YOU!!

Enough of my gripes, what are yours ?  Are we taking this rather strange “holiday” , if you want to call it that, too seriously?  That’s what I TINK, what about you?

Here are some stats according to the National Retail Federation (

A record 170 million people plan to celebrate Halloween this year, according to NRF’s 2012 Halloween consumer spending survey conducted by BIGinsight. Seven in 10 Americans (71.5%) will get into the haunting Halloween mood, up from 68.6 percent last year and the most in NRF’s 10-year survey history. Consumers are expecting to spend more too; the average person will spend $79.82 on decorations, costumes and candy, up from $72.31 last year, with total Halloween spending expected to reach $8.0 billion.*

“By the time Halloween rolls around each year it’s safe to say Americans have already spent two months preparing for one of the fastest-growing and most widely-loved holidays of the year,” said NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “Retailers know that when it comes to Halloween, new costume ideas for children, adults and pets, and the latest in home and yard décor top people’s shopping lists. We expect retailers to stock their shelves well ahead of time to capture the attention of eager holiday shoppers.”

When it comes to looking for Halloween costume ideas, consumers say their biggest source of inspiration is what they see in a retail store or costume shop. More than one-third (35.7 percent) will look for new ideas in a store and nearly one-quarter (23.7%) will turn to their friends and family. Social media will also play a role in choosing costumes: 15.2 percent will check out Facebook for inspiration and 7.1 percent will scour the visually-appealing Pinterest. Online searches will also be popular with celebrants: 33.3 percent say they will get their inspiration online. Of those buying or making costumes, the average person will spend $28.65 on costumes this year, up slightly from $26.52 in 2011.



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3 thoughts on “Are we taking Halloween to the next level ?”

  1. I am 100% in agreement about the over-the-top and way out-of-line attitudes and behaviors on Halloween.

    When I was a kid we decorated with a carved pumpkin and some colored corn. When you knocked on a door and said Trick or Treat you were expected to do a trick for that treat. No one demanded candy without the proper request, and a hearty thank you.

    I used to love Halloween but now I don’t decorate for it, don’t buy treats, and don’t open the door. Commercialism and greed have taken all the fun out of it.

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