Happy Friendsgiving from the Netflix #StreamTeam


How great is it that Thanksgiving is just around the corner?  Every year the sales get bigger, better, and happen earlier.  Every year I find myself trying to figure out what to get person “x” for Christmas.  Every year the search seems to get more difficult.  Next thing you know, we will be taking down the Christmas decorations, and the holidays will be over.

Netfilx is please to feature quite a few titles this month in honor of Friendsgiving.  No, Friendsgiving is correct, that’s not a typo.

Friendsgiving, the day before or the day after Thanksgiving, is a great time to have the friends over and relax a little. For us, it’s the perfect time to relax after the Thanksgiving turkey has worn off.  Typically we have family in town for Thanksgiving, and then we will get together with friends the day after.

That might or might not include Black Friday shopping, depending on the mood.  Sometimes I feel like hitting the sales early, and other times I feel like firing up Amazon.com to start my Christmas shopping.

A friendsgiving at home, with the friends, and family, is much more relaxing and welcome. Need a movie to watch, or something for the kids to do. Checkout what Netflix has featured this month.  There are plenty of titles that will appeal to both the kids, the parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.  A little something for everyone.



I grew up watching Elmo (and mostly his friends). I don’t think Elmo will ever get old.  I mean who doesn’t like this red, squeaky voiced dude?

mario bro

Here I go again… letting the old guy in me show.  I played Mario Bros ENDLESSLY on my Nintendo 64 when I was a kid.  And NOW, my son loves Mario Kart on the Wii and the Mario Bros show.  These guys seem to draw the kids in from across the room.

charlotte's web

A spider, a web, a pig, and a girl.  And oh yeah, don’t forget all the other talking animals on the farm.  If this doesn’t bring out the onion tears you better check your pulse.



Where’s my wife at when Netflix is on?  Most likely watching this show.  SHE LOVES IT!!  And although I haven’t watched it as religiously as her.  I can highly recommend it.  It’s a funny show, great plot, and great way to tell the story.  If you are looking for a comedy series to start watching, I would recommend this one.

breaking bad


Hummm.. Where do I start???  Let’s just say, if you are in the mood for a drama, and you haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet, then THIS IS THE SHOW TO WATCH.


That is a big one!  Once you start it, you won’t be able to stop.  It’s a dark, deep, intricately winding road, through the highs and lows of “ice” but it will leave you with your mouth wide open, almost every episode.


And I think I forgot to mention it last month, but coming January 1st to Netflix is all 10 seasons of Friends.  THIS IS HUGE!  I grew up watching the show, and have seen all of “The one’s…”  One of my favorites was “The one with all the Thanksgivings”.  An episode where all the friends sit in a post thanksgiving stupor and discuss all the happenings of thanksgiving.  A monumental episode for any Friends fan, and one you must see.

Mark your calendars… Jan 1st.  Friends on Netflix


Happy Friendsgiving (and Thanksgiving) to All!


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