How Dads Can Help Teach Their Kids to Cycle

Many childhood memories revolve around riding a bike. There was certainly nothing like the thrill of exploring the surrounding area on your bike, especially during the long summer holidays, and it continues to be a rite of passage for kids to learn how to cycle. However, it can take a lot of patience to get their confidence up, so here’s a guide for Dads who want to teach their kids the art of riding a bike.

1. Be encouraging and positive

Most kids are nervous about new experiences, so make sure you are positive about cycling. Although it’s important to teach them to be safe, don’t lecture them early on and go on about the bad things that can happen. Share some childhood memories of your own bike, and maybe fit a child seat to your bicycle so you can take your child out from a young age. This will give them positive memories of bikes and make them keen to try things themselves.

2. Keep safe

It’s natural for a dad to want to protect their children, so make sure their bike is safe and well equipped. As well as looking for the right bike helmet, there are a few safety adjustments you should make to their bike, including:

• Adding stabilisers for those who are unsteady
• Ensuring the bike is adjusted to the right height
• Make sure the tyres are well inflated
• Checking the brakes
• Ensuring the bike has been properly assembled on arrival

Once these checks are done, you can feel much more confident about allowing your child to ride, and they will pick up on your positive vibes and relax more.

3. Choosing the right bike

There are many things to consider when choosing a child’s bike, and the range is almost as impressive as the adult’s selection. The bicycle you choose will often depend on the terrain you’re navigating, and most parents choose road bikes for teaching those basic skills. There are boy’s and girl’s bikes available for children once they grow out of toddler trikes, and many different sizes to suit their height and weight.

4. Holding on

Once your child is ready to go, there are many ways that you can help them build their confidence. Many dads hold onto the back of their child’s bike while they pedal, allowing them to get used to the feeling of controlling the bike safely. This also allows you to push them along, useful for when they haven’t quite built up the momentum.

Once they’re past this stage, there are some other techniques that can help build their confidence. This could include loosely tying a towel around their waist, creating a safety net and helping them to balance, or tying a rope around their handlebars so you can pull them along while they learn.

5. Teaching tricks

It’s important for dads to teach their kids a few different techniques to allow their kids to ride safely. This can include braking, emergency stops, and swerving away from danger. This allows your child to become a much more confident cyclist, and helps them to identify dangers in their way.

Teaching your child to cycle is a great bonding experience, and it’s sure to be a happy memory from their childhood. It’s never too early to get your child used to being around cycles, and they can enjoy riding on a bike seat from a young age. This will help them develop an appreciation for cycling, and make them keen to get on their own bike as soon as possible.

About the Author: Fat Birds Dont Fly is a leading provider of road bikes and cycling accessories in the UK. Their product range includes helmets, gloves, jackets, rims, bulbs, brakes, and more.

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