JJ Cole Metra Diaper Bag Review

Jj Cole Metra Dad

I was pleased to have the opportunity to review the JJ Cole Metra diaper bag, sent to me courtesy of the manufacturer.  I welcome products for review that I would, as a dad, actually use.  Having 2 young children, this definitely fits that criteria.  For me form absolutely follows function, and JJ Cole has both covered.  If you are a dad, and are looking for a diaper bag for the new tyke, keep reading–the good stuff is below.


Here is the long story short on the JJ Cole Metra diaper bag:

  • Lots of outside access!  This thing has a back Velcro pocket, a front zipper pocket, paci pouch on the front and a lift up flap for mom or dad items (like cell phone, etc) as well as end pockets that are perfect for bottles or cups.
  • Light colored interior makes it easy to find things; and it is nice and thick…very well made
  • Manly black color with silver/gray accents that mom wouldn’t mind carrying either.  Not that I wouldn’t carry a hot pink diaper bag with lace and flowers (in fact, I have) but it’s nice that they remembered dad on this one!
  • Roomy interior pockets that are deep enough and wide enough to fit diapers, toys, boogie wipes, hair bows for girls, burp cloths, sippy cups or bottles, etc
  • Made of material that wipes clean very easily
  • Durable metal hardware on the strap and stroller accessory
  • Very comfortable to carry…the padded shoulder strap is comfy
  • The diaper changing pad is awesome too.  It folds up and has a handle so you can take it to the bathroom alone instead of the entire bag.  Also, it is big enough to accommodate a wiggly toddler.  No worries about tiny tot jumping off onto the germ infested changing station.

One thing that sets the JJ Cole Metra diaper bag apart from other bags (that we have used) is the stroller strap accessory.  This allows you the flexibility and ease of having the bag right where you need it.  I hate it when we are strolling the little one, and she inevitability wants a cup, a goldfish, a paci or something else out of the diaper bag that’s stuffed in the bottom of the stroller.

THIS takes care of that!  With the accessory straps, the diaper bag hangs very conveniently underneath the handles of the stroller. just in reach at all times.

JJ Cole Metra Staps


There are 2 strap loops that easily connect to your stroller of choice, with quick disconnects that allow the diaper bag to be quickly attached.

Once the bag is strapped in, it hangs beneath the handle out of the way, but easily accessible to grab whatever you need, whenever you need it.

JJ Cole Metra on stroller


 When I review an item, if I wouldn’t buy it myself, then it is not something that I would recommend you to buy.  So it comes down to this:  would I buy it…

YES!  This thing does everything that I need it to do.  It’s functional, which is of the utmost importance to this dad, but stylish as well.  It also comes in 4 difference color combinations if you want something besides the black/grey.  For more information and specs about the bag, go check out the JJ Cole Collections Metra diaper bag here.

The JJ Cole Metra Bag in Black Stitch is available in-store at Babies R Us and buy buy BABY and on buybuyBABY.com.  Select other colors of the Metra Bag are available in-store and online at Babies R Us and buy buy BABY.  


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