A photo is worth a 1000 Thank You’s #StraightTalkTesters

Although this post is sponsored my Straight Talk, the opinions are 100% my own and are completely honest.

We have been working lately with our kids about being gracious, thankful, and appreciative of all that we have. We live in a time where a little to some folks, can be a lot to others and no matter what you have (or don’t have), you should be thankful.  This seems to be a tough concept to teach kids. They have no reference point, no basis for what “a lot” is, or where they fall in the world.  I think it is our job as parents to teach them to be gracious and thankful, and also giving and caring of others.

One thing that I thought would help my son, was to get a little tech involved. I thought this might be fun for him because he, like many kids, likes anything tech.  Soooooo, I gave him my Straight Talk Nexus 6 phone and told him to take photos representing what he was thankful for. We first talked about what it meant to be thankful, and appreciative, and what it meant to say “Thank You” .

So, one of the first “rules” that I had for him was that he couldn’t just take photos of food. Being a 6 yr old boy, this was a key point to hit so that I didn’t end up with a camera roll of photos of spaghetti. As soon as I pointed this out to him… I was met with a big ” Ahhhh Dad. But I AM thankful for it!”

Yes, I know son.  You are thankful for food, and while it is important, and sometimes taken for granted, I want some other ideas.

So off he went, my Straight Talk smartphone in hand… 

I thought this little tech project might be a disaster, but it actually ended up being a pretty neat experiment.

Of course not far behind food, is toys… he went in his bedroom and snapped a picture of this junk… I meant his closet.



I hope this little exercise had paid off.  We talked a little more when he was done, and I discussed with him how there are many kids that don’t have any of these things.. He seemed to get it a little more than before, but I guess only time will tell.  We work on this A LOT!  I hope some of it is finally getting through.

How have you used tech with your kids to teach a lesson, or to make a point?  Please let me know.  I think it is important to connect with your kids on a level that they understand, and with tool (like a smartphone) that they find fun and can help to drive the point home.  

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