Product Reviews

If you have a product that you would like reviewed from a Dad’s Point of view, then contact me.  I love to try out and write reviews of products that I use.

  • Kids products
  • Games, Apps for Ipad, or Android
  • Toys for kids
  • Dad Toys
  • Family trips or places to take kids
  • Camping gear
  • Food or Cooking related products


Product Review Tips

I review anything else that a dad might use, or could come in useful for the kids.  If your product is junk, well then I probably won’t review it.

I write reviews about products with the consumer in mind and I try to answer the questions that I might have when I am researching to buy a particular product.  These are the things that I think are important in a product review.

If you are looking to bring a product to market, and would like an honest opinion about what I like or dislike (or my kids like or dislike) about a product, then I am your guy.  I do my best to write all reviews from an unbiased point-of-view and will be completely honest in my review.  Please do not ask me to do anything otherwise.


Some of the brands that I have worked with include:

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I share all of my product reviews extensively on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media.  If you have a particular type of advertising that you are interested in, please contact me and we will work out something that fits your needs.


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