Restoring a Canned Ham Vintage Camper – The Beginning

So, we have been toying with the idea of a second camper for a while now. We know that eventually the kids will be bigger and the Regal Eagle will just not be big enough.

A few months back I came across online, and purchased a 1962 Shasta Airflyte. We have been working on my mom/dad’s teardrop, and are almost finished up with that. I figured NOW was the time to get started on the shasta.

So, I recently “tore into it”. I’ve been research and watching videos on camper restoration online, and feel pretty comfortable about what I was getting myself into, and had a little time, so last Sat was demo day… sort of.

One of the first important steps that I came across in my research was DON”T JUST TEAR IT APART.

You want a template to be able to put it back together, and you want to reuse, repair, and restore as much of it as you can (or at least I do). So, the first things first is to do a little assessment of the damages.

Here is an overview video of some of what we are going to be working with .


Our overall goal here is to have a somewhat original, canned ham style camper that is usable. ┬áIt’s not going to be a “show queen”, but we do want to retain as much of the originality of it as possible. If I get a dent or ding in it (as there are already many), I won’t be upset about i


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