Retirement? Is it just around the corner?

Well, I have officially gotten OLD.  Or at least I feel that way sometimes.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not knocking the old folks.  Like I tell people.  “I feel like I’m getting old, but it sure beats the alternative.”

Myself and my wife have occasionally discussed what, where, how we will live when we reach the ripe old retirement age (whatever that happens to be).  My plan, and I think it’s a shared vision is to either travel the country or move to tropical climate and drink margaritas at 5:00, but only on the days that end in “y”.

The Fort Myers area of Florida is a very popular destination to retire in Florida, and is consistently listed in the top 25 places to retire.  There are numerous boating facilities, retirement communities, and the weather is always good for just about any outdoor activity.  As a family we really enjoy the outdoors.  I can definitely envision retiring in a location where great weather is a must have.

Kohlter Homes Communities is an up and coming community in the Orange River area of Fort Myers that seems to offer a lot for the outdoor adventurer.  It is easily location just off of interstate I-75, so you are only minutes away from being on your way to either north or south Florida.  Also, there are numerous state parks, and other wildlife friendly areas within just a few miles of Fort Myers.

If you enjoy the occasional round of golf, then this is the place to be.  With 2 championship golf courses woven throughout the community, you can walk out of your front door and are just a few minutes away from your next round of golf.

There are many different site plans and house designs that are offered.  I like this because although I would like to build my own house someday, I’m sure trying to decide between brushed nickel and chrome bathroom fixtures on my own would surly lead to an argument with the misuses.  At least this way I have a starting point.

Retirement is NOT just around the corner, but hey, can’t this old guy dream for a minute or two?  Hum.. now where in Florida will I decide to go next?


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