[Review] Printcopia Canvas Print

I was contacted a few weeks ago by the folks over at Printcopia about doing a review of one of their canvas prints.  Thanks to them for providing me a print for review.  One of my hobbies that is often my leading force in my travels is photography.  I really enjoy taking photos of the places I travel, the wildlife, and most of all my family.

I have a folder of “favorites” on my computer.  It is labeled “to print of for book”.  One day I plan to start some sort of physical organization of these so that they don’t get lost in a digital pile of junk.  When I was asked to do a printcopia canvas print review, I had 2-3 candidates for the canvas print.  I decided to choose a photo that I took while on spring break with the family in 2011, it was a photo of my son at Taccoa Falls, in the mountains of north Georgia.  It was featured as my photo of the day, back a few months ago.


The printcopia website is super easy to navigate, upload photos, decide on options for the print, and place the order.  My entire order from start to finish only took about 10 minutes tops!.  How many websites can you say that about?

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