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Gadget Whore?
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Today there are more dads than ever that work from home and juggle looking after their children with their home-based jobs. Most dads that work from home generally tend to be in tech-based businesses, so tech gadgets are an essential part of everyday life.

For those techie dads that live in Victoria and work in website design, Melbourne is the obvious choice as a gadget shopping centre. There, you can buy just about everything a tech dad requires for a smooth day in the home office.

Tech dads of course require a much larger collection of gadgetry than your average run of the mill dad. To help you understand the needs of a techie dad we have compiled a list of some of the latest, therefore, the most essential gadgets for him to marvel over and enjoy.

Swiss Army Jetsetter

The Swiss army Jetsetter is perfect for any tech minded dad. This model may not be perfect for a survival situation but it does boast a number of handy tools for the stay at home dad. These tools include: a waterproof and shockproof USB memory stick (4GB to 16GB), a magnetized Philips screwdriver, scissors, tweezers, a ball point pen and of course a bottle opener. This is something that every tech dad should definitely have in one of his many pockets.

Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones should be an essential part of any tech loving dad’s gadget arsenal. These are great for working at home as you can just slip them over your head and listen to music or news clips without having to at first tackle the Gordian like knot in your wired ones. You can of course also move around freely without nearly pulling your laptop off of the desk. Every tech dad should have a pair of these, so that they can listen to their somewhat dated music collection in peace and comfort.

A Power Flask

The Power Flask has been designed to look like a leather-bound hip flask that at one time non-techie dads would have filled with fine brandy or well-matured single malt. This tech version of that age-old vessel has however been modified and it now holds 13000aMh of lithium powered battery. This power pack can charge most devices like smart phones or other handheld gadgets, and is of course ideal for holidays or even daytrips out, where you may need to recharge a device.

A Digital Pen

A digital pen looks and works very much like and ordinary pen apart from it does not require ink. This pen is used with a special pad that records everything that is written on it. This can be easily linked to a PC or laptop and the tech dad can instantly look back on his notes without having to flip through pages of his notebook or in some extreme cases, rummage through the waste paper basket. This will make an ideal addition to any desktop, and one that will be sure to see a lot of use.

A Wireless Barbeque Thermometer

A wireless barbeque thermometer can really help out the techy dad in the summer. This device will actually tell the dad when the steak or cut of meat is ready. All the dad has to do is input the size and the desired doneness, and the thermometer will do the rest. The dad then doesn’t have to hover over hot coals, trying to talk, drink and cook all at the same time. An ideal addition to the gadget loving dad’s cache of devices, and one that will be sure to improve the quality of barbequed food.

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