Walmart is Empowering Women Together for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming quickly upon us and my goal this year is not to wait until the last minute to find that perfect gift for my mom and my wife.   These two women deserve the best.  My mom raised 6 kids and 3 of those are boys.  I have two boys and I honestly can’t imagine how she did it.  With my two boys and one girl I feel like I’m going crazy on most days but my Mom never really lost her cool even when my two older brothers created a huge hole in the wall of our house while “fighting”.    She is now in her late 70’s and has no kids at home.  I imagine she must really enjoy the peace and quiet. My wife is the mother of my three children and she is an amazing woman.  She deserves so much and I always try to find the best gift for her on Mother’s Day.   She is very similar to my mom because she has 3 boys in the house (my two boys and me) and she has to deal with all of the fun that comes with that.  Add a teenage daughter to the mix and you see why she is approaching sainthood. I began looking around for gifts when I heard about Walmart’s Empowering Women Together program.  Walmart is offering a wide range of products from small women owned businesses.  By doing this, Walmart is providing an entire new customer base to small women owned businesses.  So I decided to check out the website and specifically at their Empowering Women Together products. I grabbed my two boys and decided to let them help pick out the gifts for their mom and grandmother.  It was so easy, I just let them take control of the computer and look through the products on Walmart’s site.  We looked for something for my mom first and the boys had many ideas.  But we settled on s Hot and Cold Beverage set. The boys were super excited that we found a great gift for their grandmother.  They even wanted to call her to tell her about it…I convinced them to lets wait and make it a surprise.    Now that grandma was taken care of we settled in on finding something for my wife and their mother. Now, my boys are mamma’s boys through and through.   When they are sick or hurt it’s their mom they want.  They love it when I go out of town for business because they get to sleep in mom’s bed.    So they were looking for something really special.  The great thing about the products in Walmart’s Empowering Women Together is that they are made by women and who else knows what a woman likes than another woman.  We could have easily just picked any random product and it would have been great.  But instead we went through and picked out a couple of items that we think she will love. Here’s what we went with for her:

We found a very nice gift set that includes travel mug, apron, gift bag, and card.  This is the perfect gift set because it includes the card and gift bag.  I always end up forgetting one or the other.  So this set has everything needed.  Then we added a pair of hand made slippers.  My wife is always cold and these slippers look like they will keep her feet nice and warm. We added all three items to the cart and checked out.  Success!!  Walmart made it super easy for us to find the perfect gifts for the important women in our lives.  And because these items were from Walmart’s Empowering Women Together program we know that we were helping small, independent business women.  The boys were super stoked that we found what we needed. Check out the infographic below from Walmart which gives you some details about the Empowering Women Together program.   Walmart made this years Mother’s Day a cinch for me and the boys.  We were able to find unique gifts and did it all from the comfort of our house.

 photo Walmart_MothersDayInfographic_FINAL_zps5b983749.jpg



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