What I learned this weekend

  • No matter what the answer to the question is, there will always be a follow up of , Why ?  Ex:  Son, you need to hurry up and put your shoes on.  Why?  A: Because we are in a rush, and we were supposed to meet for some breakfast about 5 minutes ago, and we are 15 minutes away.  Why ? A: Because we need something to eat, and this is the plan. Why?

I could go on.. but you get the point

  • At 2:00 am , a Thomas the train in the floor might as well be a land mine.  Those things are an accident waiting to happen.  The cost of the toy is insignificant in comparison to the pain, anguish and foul language you will subject almost anyone to when you step on one of them.  I mean, really, a 1800 sq ft house, ONE is in the floor and somehow I manage to step on it.
  •  If you are 3, you can somehow wake up, look over and see your cup from about 8 hours ago with some nicely brewed milk in it and think “huh.. that might taste good?”  You can then walk around the house drinking it, until dad sees you and screems “NO” and I remember WHEN it was that I actually gave that milk to Jr.
  • Puke because your 3 yr old drank sour milk is NASTY.. see above —^
  • If your sign a verbal pre-nupt with your soon to be wife that whenever the kids puke one day, that you will clean it up because you only want to have 1 puke victim on your hands, you better know that She is going to cash in on that one day.
  • Always carry a spare pair of gloves in your back pocket, the uses for these are endless.

    My Puke Bucket
    (Photo credit: lunchboxreed)
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