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I just wanted to do a quick post about an app, Where in Disney, that I think all parent who are traveling to Disney World might find handy.  I know that Disney World is big, and this could make things a little simpler when walking around the Magic Kingdom.  If there were a google for Disney, this would be it.

WHERE IN DISNEY? – the app that gives users the power to search for anything, amongst dozens of categories, giving visitors to Disney World even more time to enjoy the magic. With over 8,000 items, you can zero on the Elsa plush doll that would make a little girls day or a gluten free snack for the family member with dietary restrictions.

Did you know the Disney World Resort in Florida is twice the size of Manhattan? It covers the same acreage as San Francisco. For that reason, it’s tough for new visitors (and often, for regular guests) to keep track of where everything is. What makes it even more challenging is that Disney is always trying new things: new merchandise, new attractions, new restaurants. It’s sensory overload!

Google may not have a search engine app devoted to Disney World, but you can get “Where in Disney?”. It provides a service to the millions of annual Disney World guests that no other app provides (even the official My Disney Experience app). Items are mapped on Google maps, and color photos show you both the item you’re looking for and the facade of the store or restaurant you seek.

Users who download the free “Where in Disney?” app are able to search and find souvenirs, restaurant menu items, snacks, cocktails, attractions, landmarks, services and more. The search spans across 570 locations, all four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios) and Downtown Disney. You can search across the entire database, or browse dozens of categories from Accessories to Wine.

Since the app came out last month, guests in the parks have searched for everything from steak to snow globes. They can mark their favorites to make them easy to find on their next visit, and access the favorites everyone else has chosen as the best in the parks.

You can upgrade within the app for extended search results, as well as access to thousands of color photos and Google maps. Once you’re found an item you’re looking for, the photos help you see the façade of the restaurant or shop you need. Coming soon are photos showing you what they look like, whether it’s the truffled mac & cheese hot dog at Friar’s Nook or the new Frozen iPhone cases. The Google maps help you pinpoint where exactly in the park you can find the item.

Where in Disney? is Free but only available on the AppStore! Download it today and you can upgrade to the premium version later with an in-app purchase.

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