Why the attempt to educate my son is useless

Every night that we eat at home, we sit around the table and discuss what we did that day. Since my son was 3 (he’s 4 now) as soon as we start talking he will usually ask, “how was your day daddy”? To which I usually reply “It was pretty good….” and he ALWAYS states “tell me all about it”! Then we get in a thorough discussion about each and every aspect of my day from the moment the alarm clock goes off, to the bathroom, lunch, emails, phone calls, and everything in between up until and including dinner.

Lately I have been asking my son, “what did you do at school today”, to which he usually replies ….nothing… Really, I pay good money for you to do nothing??  I mean, you could go to public pre-K and learn nothing!


Before you google me, facebook me, and research where my son might go to pre-school and then report me for bad mouthing the teacher, let me be perfectly clear.  The school is NOT the problem.  In fact, they are great, and I am a little upset that they don’t have a Kindergarten class for him to attend next year. (they stop at pre-K)  That’s another topic for another day.

You see, I think this is an inherited gene, a defect in the dad rambling DNA, or maybe even the male DNA.  This is a defect that I think was passed down from yours truly.

I remember when I was in pre-school, my mom asking me “what did you learn today?”  to which I so wisely (at least I thought) replied… NOTHING.  Really?  I learned nothing as well, how the heck did I make it this far on nothing?  Is this going to continue, is this just the way we learn… nothing!?!?  To think I sat through all those years of class for no reason, that is tragedy.

Tonight I asked him “what did you do today, what did you learn”?… NOTHING!  Yep, and to quantify things a bit he added “I learned zero”.   Well that’s just great, not only did he learning nothing, he has a measurement for that and can tell the world.  I asked him about a poster project poster that he turned in today, nope, nothing.  Did you make any new friends I asked?  Nahh…. Well, I guess today was a waste.  I didn’t know what to say.

Did you kid learning anything today?  If they did I hope it was a life skill that will stick with them forever and they get some use out of it, if not, well then at least I’m not alone.

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