A day trip to Wild Animal Safari – Pine Mountain, GA


Have you ever wanted to have a up close and personal encounter with a giraffe?  Maybe a wild bison?  If you answered YES, then Wild Animal Safari is the ticket for you.

Myself and my family recently had the opportunity while on a family camping trip, to visit Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA.  We had heard of the park a couple years ago when we were in the are geocaching at FDR State park, but we didn’t have the time on that trip to visit the park.  This time we had both kids in tow with us, and we decided to see what it was all about.

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Ride through the park on one of the guided tours and enjoy the animals as the walk right up to the bus and peek in for some food.



The park is based on two different areas.  One, and the highlight of the park is the Serengeti Adventure, a ride through the 300 acres of the park.  The other is the Walkabout, a self guided, walking tour of many different animals in a smaller setting.  The prices for admission at Wild Animal Safari are very reasonable, and we got in as a family of 4 for around 50 bucks.  Not too bad considering that included a 45min- 1hr guided tour, lots of photos, a walk through the walkabout section, and oh yeah, a bag of food to feed the animals.


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All great tours begin with a trip to the ticket line. As you can see, the line was quite short. We purchased our tickets and were on our way though the park (after a stop for some lunch of course)


[box type=”shadow”]The walkabout is a small section of the park that offers some animals that, well to be honest, might be a little dangerous to be around if they weren’t in a cage.  These included lion, ligers (yep, a cross between a tiger and a lion), bears, baboons, hayenas… etc.. [/box]

We spent about 30 minute or so in the walkabout section of the park.  There were quite a few animals there, many that I had not seen before.  The area is paved, and mostly flat, very stroller friendly if you have a little one like we do.


After we had spent some time relaxing in the gift shop, we decided to take the guided tour.  This can be done in 3 different ways:

1. You can drive your own car through the park.  We saw quite a few people doing this while we were on our bus ride.  WARNING:  I head from more than one source (and can tell your first hand), that the animals will get really close to and come in contact with your vehicle.  They have a really good chance of scratching it.  If you aren’t worried bout that have at it, but if you are, then maybe option 2 or 3 is for you.

2. Rent a mini van (hold up to 7 people) to take your own tour through the park.  These are mini vans with no windows, and are more like a jeep than anything.  There are bars on the windows.   They cost an extra $15 on top of your park ticket, but can be good if you want to take your time riding through the park.  (Although there is a 1 hour limit on the self guided tour)

3. Take the bus <—- I recommend this one.  You get a guided tour, it is nice and slow and the tour guide will tell your all about the park and give you plenty of information about the animals.  AND You can take the ride again if you like.  Again, I recommend this one!

 Have you been on a wild adventure lately?  Tell us about it below in the comments section!

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