10 Spelling Bee Apps for Ipad That Help Your Children

Would you like your son or daughter to be the next champion at a school Spelling Bee? Or maybe you’re a parent of a toddler who already sees an early reading potential in your kid? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there are plenty of Apps for Ipad that will help develop your child’s potential skill in spelling. Thanks to gadgets like tablet computers, parents today do have an engaging, interactive, high-tech and fun way to get kids to learn about almost anything under the sun – spelling included.

With about a quarter of a million apps already available for download from Apple’s app store, how would you decide which apps to download? For the top ten best Spelling Bee Apps for Ipad that will help your child spell words correctly, take a look at the following list:

alpha writerAlpha Writer
By: Montessorium, LLC.
Patterned after the Montessori school of learning, the idea behind this app is to get kids to learn how to write first before developing their reading skills. As indicated in the website, writing is an expression of a child’s own thoughts while reading is merely identifying the letters formed based on a writer’s choosing. With the Alpha Writer, kids can gain access to a moveable alphabet that will help them start to read, write and spell. The app helps kids refine their motor skills; write, read and create stories; as well as compose, identify and spell words phonetically.


bob booksBob Books #2 – Reading Magic HD

By: Learning Touch
A follow-up to the successful Bob Books #1 – Reading Magic, this #2 app helps kids make the connection between letters and sounds. After sounding out simple words, they can also eventually spell the words that they have read after making full use of the features of the Reading Magic app. With a dozen new scenes and more than 50 new words to learn, kids can say that spelling can actually be fun!



Build a Word Express – Practice Spelling and Learn Letter Sounds and Names
By: @Reks
What makes this app different from similar spelling programs is that you have the option to use spelling lists or phonics spelling lists. There are also three modes which can be used for kids to refine their spelling skills: Learn, Practice and Test. To add some spice to the app, there’s an option to play a fun balloon-popping game after a player successfully spells each word.



Freefall Spelling
By: Merge Mobile
Suitable for helping young kids develop their spelling skills, Freefall Spelling has more than 150 words of common objects for kids to learn. Parents can even add their own customized spelling lists, and the reward for each correctly written word is a treat in an interactive fish tank that kids can play with.


liking letters appLicking Letters
By: Tenlin Studios, LLC
Suitable for kids aged three to seven years old, what’s good about Licking Letters is that the difficulty of the spelling tasks is based on the skill level of the player. Before a game, each word is spelled out and Leapin’ Loot rewards are given later on for correctly spelled words.




Montessori CrosswordsMontessori Crosswords – Spelling with Phonics-Enabled Alphabet
By: L’Escapadou
Another app based on the Montessori learning method is Crosswords – Spelling with Phonics-Enabled Alphabet. While teaching a couple of fundamental concepts about words and phonics, kids can enjoy using an app which is filled with attention-grabbing sounds, animation and visual effects. Spelling words has never been this fun!




Pogg AppPogg
By: Ricky Vuckovic
Through this app, kids will meet an adorable little green alien named Pogg. Games for spelling, instructions and pictures are on the main menu, and the charm of the character will not be lost on kids so they’re bound to have fun playing while learning how to spell at the same time.




The Electric Company WordballThe Electric Company Wordball!
Fit for kids aged five and up, The Electric Company Wordball! is an app that lets  players manipulate sounds in spoken words. For kids who are starting to read, they will get to know the intricacies of the English language such as the silent E or the difference between the hard and soft C sounds, while developing their spelling skills as well.

teachme kindergarten appTeach Me: Kindergarten
By: 24×7 Digital LLC
Aside from spelling, Teach Me: Kindergarten has other games incorporated like addition, subtraction and sight words. The spelling game requires them to complete words by choosing the first letter, and it even has a performance tracker for each subject item learned by the player.



Word Magic
By: Anusen, Inc.
Finally, there’s Word Magic which is a fully-loaded app designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners. After giving out the correct answer to a question, the player simply needs to shake the tablet to proceed to the next question.


When looking for spelling apps for Ipad for your kids, they should be fun, interactive and attractively designed to grab the attention of your children. Take your pick from these top ten apps and have your kiddo become the next spelling bee whiz at school!

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