1Weather is a great new weather app for Android

If you are traveling, hiking, biking, or especially camping, then the weather is always on the top of you list of things to watch. I am always looking for that perfect app to give updated forecasts.  So, when I saw this new app I was really excited!

I’m not sure if 1Weather is it, but it comes pretty close 

Right from the start, I have to say that this is one beautiful app!!  There are some apps out there that just catch your eye and being a combination of great functionality and great to look at and this is one of those apps.  The screens have a lot of info on them, but they are easy to read and do not look jumbled.  The screens include:

  • 7-day forecast
  • sunrise/sunset and lunar phases
  • radar/uv/air quality maps
  • Extreme weather warnings
  • Tweets from nearby about the weather – This definitely strikes the cool factor
  • Weather photos, not sure where it pulls these from
  • There’s even a cool widget !
1Weather : Android Market 
Website : One Louder
So, go check it out today, if you haven’t already.
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