6 Makeover Ideas for Your Bathroom


Old Ugly Bathroom (Before)
(Photo credit: Rick Scully)

If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and somehow lacking that sense of luxury and comfort, it could be high time that you thought about investing in a good makeover.


There is nothing quite like having a completely new bathroom in the home, to give it that extra touch of class as well as to increase the value of the property itself.


However, before you embark on a makeover, it’s always a good idea to sit down and carefully think about what kind of bathroom would best suit your needs, and would best suit the space available.


There are a number of things to consider before taking the plunge and investing into your bathroom makeover. Below we will look at a few simple ideas that may be helpful to your new bathroom planning.


Light Fixtures


Good lighting fixtures are an important part of any good bathroom. These need to be carefully chosen as well as being placed at the right level and located in the right place. These days most people have fixtures either beside or above their main mirror; this helps to illuminate your refection as well as reflecting the light back into the room. Being mounted on the wall also saves space and makes them easy to clean.




Good quality taps are essential for a good bathroom makeover. There are many good online outlets like www.tapwarehouse.com that have wide ranges of taps to chose from, making selection very easy. Generally the heavier the tap is, the better the quality, so do not be tempted to buy budget light taps as this could turn out to be a mistake. Also look for a tap that has ceramic washers and not the rubber kind, as these will last much longer and be less prone to leaks.


Crown Mouldings


Crown mouldings are very inexpensive way to add a touch of class to your bathroom. These are now generally made from urethane that is easy to fix with a bit of waterproof resin. Urethane does not warp with the moisture from your shower and you can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your own bathroom colour scheme.


A curved curtain rod


A curved curtain rod is a great way to save some space as well as saving a bit of cash if your makeover has a limited budget. These curved rods look very elegant and can save space as they curve around the inner side of the bathtub. You can buy these rods in a variety of styles and finishes to suit the theme of any makeover.


Granite Sink Tops


Granite sink tops are now very affordable as there is much more of the stone being imported from Asia. There is nothing that can really match the elegance of granite, and with a good quality basin and taps your bathroom will really have that look of pure opulence. These generally need to be fitted by experienced builders, as cutting the stone into shape needs skill and attention.


Corner Shelves


A great way to save space as well as having a very convenient place to put all of your shampoos and showers gels is to install a corner shower shelf. These can be bought at most home improvement and bathroom centres and can be easily put up yourself. All you have to do is drill a couple of small holes in to the wall and screw in the fixtures that will come with the corner unit. These come in a number of shapes and finishes, so finding the right one to match your colour scheme will be easy.


About the Author: Tap Warehouse is an online seller of kitchen and bathroom taps, mirrors and cabinets, showers, and bathroom accessories.


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