7 Best Android Travel Apps for 2012

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Top Travel Apps for 2012

No matter how you are getting around, the mobile industry has an apps to get you there faster and more efficiently than ever. GPS technology is making travel better by providing these applications with a location specific tool. Look at a few of the must-have Android travel apps on the market today.


Tripit is an all-around itinerary system used to organize and share plans. With this one application, you keep track of plane tickets, hotel reservations and other scheduled steps along your route. Just to be clear, Tripit does not make the reservations for you or purchase tickets, it just keeps everything in one place. Once you install the app, you sign up for an account and email confirmations to Tripit. For example, you get an email from Frontier Airlines confirming your tickets, you email that info to Tripit and it becomes part of your online itinerary.

Once you have all the plans in place using this cloud-based service, your itinerary goes on the road with you. No need to sync applications or write anything down. Tripit is free to download.




Wikitude is the ultimate travel guide. The application looks at where you are through the phone’s camera and scans user-contributor sites for information. It correlates the data about what it sees and returns details in the viewfinder. For example, if you point your camera at a landmark, Wikitude will provide history and interesting details about it as an overlay of the camera view. In the tech industry, this is augmented reality. Wikitude is a free application available from iTunes.


Hotels Near Me
Local searches are becoming big business in mobile technology. By using the GPS chip in an Android device, programs like Hotels Near Me can give you a list of businesses in your area.

Hotels Near Me uses a database to provide details on hotels within the proximity of the phone. Using the application, you can see images of the rooms, find pricing and even book the stay right through this free application.



Speaking of local search applications, Where takes the concept further than just hotels. With it, you find restaurants, gas and even the local Burger King utilizing a basic search function. Where is more than a search engine, however, it provides weather forecasts, traffic information and even movies times all based on the coordinates from the phone. You can create a list of things you want to do in a town and share it with friends following your travel on networking sites. There is no fee to use Where.



Travel Journal
If you are a blogger or just want to keep a journal of your trip, this application provides a user interface that helps organize your notes while tracking your route. Trip Journal takes the GPS coordinates from your phone and creates a route map as you go. You have the option to add notes, images and gather statistic on the road. Once home, you can upload the route to Google Earth to share via social networking. Friends and family not only see the vacation pictures, they relate them to details on a map. The Trip Journal application will set you back $2.90.

FXware Currency Guide

With the ever-changing currency rates, it is handy to have a widget to calculate the conversions for you. If you are traveling abroad, you might need to know about a current rate on the fly. The FXware Currency Guide tracks conversion rates for over 160 currencies and updates every minute. The Guide also offers a tip calculator to keep your from making a gaff overseas – all for just .99 cents.


StarTranslate is a must-have for those travelling in non-English speaking countries. The program allows you to input in English and get a translation in the language you request. Imagine trying to find for the nearest public bathroom in France. You could ask someone, but it would be a little odd to try to act out the word toilet. StarTranlate doesn’t do the talking for you, but you would have something to show someone on the street. StarTranslate also allows you to text and chat with people in different languages. There is no cost for the download.

Technology offers you tools to make the traveling easier. Whether going by car, plane, bus or mule, you will find an app that provides route information, local search functions and interesting facts all by using your Android-based device.

Justin is a sports, marketing and tech enthusiast. When not in the stands watching University of Utah football you can find him writing and blogging for USDirect


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