8 Days of Elf on the Shelf for Dummies like me

Last year, like I’m sure is the case for so many of you, the “elf” decided to visit us for the second time.  I had no idea when my wife brought up “The Elf” what I was getting myself into.

Most night it is quite a chore around our house to decide what to eat for dinner, much less what the heck an elf is going to “do” for the night.

So, this year I thought I would recap what our elf, we named him Thomas, did for all of 2013 while he shacked up with us.

Feel free to straight out copy, or Pin any of these that you wish.  Heck I probably did the same.  I don’t claim to be an “Elf Expert”, but these are few of our Elf ideas that I thought I would share.

Thomas is Back Day 1

Thomas decided to appear by being shipped from the north pole.  How appropriate, since I learned last year that Kmart will ship your pants, Santa will ship your elf to you.

Read the Entire post, about Thomas’s first day back with us here.

Later on in the day, Thomas decided to make a little mischief while we were gone.

You can read the entire post about how Thomas kicked things off with a bang here.


Day 2 Do you think they will notice?

Why NO!  We are completely blind and didn’t notice at all.  In fact we thought Thomas had left a little too soon…

Check out Thomas on day 2



Day 3: Win lose or Straw

Some days you have to step up and go all in.  This is what Thomas decided to do on Day 3.  It was a LITTLE tight, but he made it in (and out) for tomorrows big reveal.

Checkout Thomas the elf on Day 3





























Day 4 Twas the Night Before Christmas (Almost)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even…..

Well, Let’s just says Thomas was stirring, and he was up to A LOT!  He made sure that all of the stuffed animals were up on their Christmas stories, and were ready for the big day.

Day 4 Can be seen here.


Day 5 GSU Eagles! Fight, Fight, Fight!

You don’t have to route for my team, but you should route for A team!

We are big fans here at the Ramble house of the Georgia Southern Eagles.  So is Thomas the Elf!  He came out and showed his true blue colors on day 5.  If you don’t have a team, maybe you could have your Elf route for “Team Dad” or “Team Mom”.




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2 thoughts on “8 Days of Elf on the Shelf for Dummies like me”

  1. Don’t let more than one of them show up at your house at one time! Last year, mine, we call him Luke, threw a party and they TRASHED the house. Didn’t make a sound. No cops showed up, no neighbors complained, but they drank all the milk , ate ALL the cookies, dumped the Lucky Charms& Coco Puffs in the carpet and didn’t put the boxes in recycling. Who only knows what kind of magical fun they got into. Whatever it was, it traumatised the cat.They tree d him and we tried to get him down so we could put the ornaments back on it but, he just hissed at us. Poor cat. No wonder that little elf smiles so slyly. ..

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