8 Days of Elf on the Shelf for Dummies like me

Day 6 Fast as Lightning

There are a couple things that I can always count on my son .

1.  He will wake up in the morning wanting a bowl, or 5, of cereal… and

2. He wants, and fully believes that he will be a racecar driver when he grows up.

Thomas is fully aware of that as well.  On day 5, Thomas took it to the track.

Think of things that your kids like to do.. replicate them with your Elf (ahem… get your Elf to do them)… 🙂

Day 6, Thomas is here 





Day 7 just Chillin

On Day 7, Thomas the Elf decided that it was time to take a little time to himself.  He had been busy watching things around the Ramble house, and he need to take it to the river.  Looking to the kids bathroom, he found the perfect spot to get away from it all and wet a cork.

Day 7 of Thomas the Elf can be found here.




Day 8 Rockin around the Christmas tree

There are a few staple songs that you will hear around our house on Christmas.  A Brenda Lee tune is one of them.

Thomas is in FULL agreement!

Luckily for Thomas, he had is own Christmas tree to Rock out on while we were away on Day 8. My son has this very small (about a foot and half tall) tree in his room up on the bookshelf.

Thomas decided that he would make himself at home here for the day, or maybe is is going to be a pole dancer one day? Who knows what he will be up to next?



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2 thoughts on “8 Days of Elf on the Shelf for Dummies like me”

  1. Don’t let more than one of them show up at your house at one time! Last year, mine, we call him Luke, threw a party and they TRASHED the house. Didn’t make a sound. No cops showed up, no neighbors complained, but they drank all the milk , ate ALL the cookies, dumped the Lucky Charms& Coco Puffs in the carpet and didn’t put the boxes in recycling. Who only knows what kind of magical fun they got into. Whatever it was, it traumatised the cat.They tree d him and we tried to get him down so we could put the ornaments back on it but, he just hissed at us. Poor cat. No wonder that little elf smiles so slyly. ..

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