Airbnb for Android is nice addition to interesting travel concept

Airbnb ! Just found this neat, relatively new app for android, after a little more searching, I was quickly suprise at what I found….

First, to explain what Airbnb is.  Basically Airbnb is the managing agent for a long list of property owners who would like to rent their extra room, guest house, un-occupied apartment, or other space.  Hosts, as they are called, list the property with Airbnb, who lists it along with others on their site.  I was a little hesitant about staying in someone else’s room while on vacation, but the process seems to be rather well vetted. I won’t go into it here, but check out the video about how Airbnb works.

Now to the app!

The home screen give a couple of different options for locating a property.  The first is to browse the featured list of properties.  These are grouped by category, and not necessarily area.  However there are some that are location specific, such as Paris or New York.


The other option (more useful) would be to search a specific location.  For my example (below), I have used Savannah, GA.






Your basic search results shows all of the properties close to the area you selected.  Along with the name of each of the properties is the price, and the number of review which have been posted .

On the top of that same view is a tab for map, to see where each of the properties is located.  You can also navigate the map, viewing properties in full detail.















Once your click on the desired property you instantly see a very thorough, but concise explanation of the features of the property.  These include a link to the profile of the host, as well as the reviews.


Very nice layout.






One of the things I really like about the app is that you can see the profile of the host in great detail.  All of there connections are listed including Facebook, Phone # and their reviews.  If the host has mulltiple properties listed, the you can see the reviews of all of their properties.

This might be helpful for return customers who are happy with a previous stay and would like to stay with the sane host, but in a different location.  Again, very nice execution in the design of the app.



Price : Free

Download it : Market 

Website: Airbnb


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