Allstays Camp and RV app, simple, easy and effective

There are a lot of apps out there that claim to do many things.  This is not one of those apps.  However, what it does do, it does well.  If you are in a pinch, and need to find a campsite, RV hookup, or other travel ammenity,  this app will do it for you.


The app itself has a relatively simple homescreen, just the basics.  You can find a campsite, RV site, dump station, rest area or other POI in a couple different ways

First you can search manually (either by typing, or by using the “lookup” button) by state, city, then by selecting what type of facility you are interested in.

Secondly you can simply hit the “nearest” button, and the app will give you all of the facilities in your are.

If you want a more specific search, you can filter prior to searching i.e. “Truck 0 Love’s travel stop” would only include those specefic truck stops.  Very handy if you are looking for a specific POI near your location, or near a location you plan on stopping at.



A  search query yields a list according to the filters you set.  I set none, so everything was displayed including rest stops, campgrounds, supplies (sam’s club in this case), and even Walmart parking (for RV’s).
















See results will give you a summary of the information about it.  To the left is an example.


All the good stuff is there, directions (linked to google navigation), phone # , website, even a link to google reviews and images.

I do like the fact that there are many different ammenities lists, not just campgrounds.  Even Walmarts are listed, since they are RV friendly.  Have an extra high camper?  Search results are even filterable by clearance so that won’t bump your head.. or turn that Winnie into a convertible.





There are many different versions compared here, which show what each will do dependent on region and RV or Tent (or both).

Get it now on the Market : Camp and RV

Cost : $1.50-$4.99

Developer’s Website :


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